Hi world.

Welcome to the homepage of The Naqvi Family. This happy go lucky family is 3 strong and currently resides in London England.

Member’s of the family:

  • Ali Naqvi – leader of the clan
  • Samra Ali Naqvi – queen of the damned
  • Layal Naqvi – the apple of our eyes

This site was created to share photos, videos and events with friends and the extended family. We do however have plans to further expand this site to become a lifestyle blog, an events calendar, a scapbook, a forum, a wiki and everything under the sun. All in good time. For now, this will remain an fun filled online blog following Layal and how she outgrows her clothes every few weeks, her first words, her first steps and of course her experiences of the world changing around her.  We may in time decide to make all of this into a TV series. We have a name for it already; “Why are my fingers so tiny?” starring Layal Naqvi.

Popular everyday qoutes from The Naqvi Family:

“I hate facebook so much” – Ali Naqvi

“Ali, why didn’t you turn off the oven when I told you to?” – Samra Ali Naqvi

“goo goo me shee” – Layal Naqvi

If you are a TV network with loads of money to give us for rights to “Why are my fingers so tiny?” please use our contact form to get in touch.