Unwanted emails that are promote different advertisements that just seem to pop up in your inbox are commonly referred to as spam. Spam mails have become an extremely big problem. The problems with spam have become so diverse that many Internet Service Providers or ISP’s for short will put a system that filters through your mail. 

These filters will list the good emails that you’re getting as well as the bad emails. The bad emails are blacklisted and will inadvertently end up in your spam box because your ISP reads them as so. However, often time’s, important emails can get blacklisted, and many people forget to check their spam boxes for these mails. 

Here at 123vouchercodes.co.uk, we applaud what ISP’s are doing to protect their customers against spam, however it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to find out that ISP’s blacklisting techniques do have some flaws. 

A lot of ISP’s will inadvertently block mail that you’ve requested, simply because it fits their idea of what spam mails look like. A lot of these anti-spam supporters are trying to deplete the amount of false positives that they’re seeing. However, while the ISP’s are trying to enhance their blacklisting procedures you may find that you’re not receiving the emails that you’ve requested from us. 

Don’t fret; if mail correspondents from vouchercodes.co.uk seem to keep getting blocked, there’s something that you can do to avoid missing out on any of the communications that are sent. Fight the blacklisting bug by engaging in white-listing us. 

You’re implored to white-list 123vouchercodes.co.uk immediately so you don’t miss out on any important promotions and/or discount codes that can help you save money. Every email system is different with their lists, so there’s different procedures that’ll have to be carried out in order to fit in with a particular system. 

Compiled below are simple instructions for white listing 123vouchercodes.co.uk, so you never have to miss out on the latest discounts. If you don’t notice your ISP on the list below, contact your ISP provider to help you with the white-listing process. Do us a favour and forward the answer directly to us, so you can help fellow subscribers with your same ISP to be able to white list 123vouchercodes.co.uk too. 

Please scroll down to find out the white listing procedure that you will need to commence in for your current ISP provider. 





If your primary ISP provider is AOL 9.0 in order to assure that you will receive all correspondance from 123vouchercodes.co.uk, you need to add the site to the “People I know” category.


- Simply open your latest email sent from 123vouchercodes.co.uk
- After you have opened the mail, click on the Add Address button that will be located to the right in order to add 123vouchercodes.co.uk to the people that you know list

If you’re running AOL version 8.0 you will need to select the allow email from all members of AOL option. 

- After you have selected the corresponding option, click next a save button should appear along the bottom of your screen.

- Click the save button


123vouchercodes.co.uk appreciates you white listing us :)





If your main ISP is Yahoo, there is a means that you can put vouchercodes.co.uk on your white list with them as well. Mails that are not listed on this “white list” will automatically be forwarded to your bulk folder. Many people end up inadvertently deleting this bulk folder and end up missing out on all of the latest promotional deals, and coupons. In order to filter our correspondents into your inbox, you can commence in doing this:


- Go to your Yahoo mailbox, and open your mail
- Click on the button that is addressed Mail Options
- Click the option Filters
- Click Add filter
- Click inside the text box and enter the address 123vouchercodes.co.uk in the line that says from
- A message will show up saying Move Message to, select the option that says Inbox located on the pull-down menu
- Click the on the Add Filer button once more   

123vouchercodes.co.uk appreciates you white listing us :)





If your primary ISP is hotmail you can ensure that all mail correspondents from 123vouchercodes.co.uk are delivered straight to your inbox by adding the address that says “from” on your email to what is referred to as your safe list.


- Log into your hotmail account and click on the mail tab
- Click on the options button located at the top right of your mailbox right next to the help icon
- Click the button labeled Junk e-mail protection
- Select the Safe List option
- Enter the address corresponding with 123vouchercodes.co.uk that can be found in the “from” spot of our mail to you
- Click Add
- After seeing the mail show up in your Safe list, click ok

We thank you for white listing 123vouchercodes.co.uk :)


Outlook 2003


To ensure that all correspondance from 123vouchercodes.co.uk are being delivered into your inbox, instead of being regarded as spam, you need to white list the site. Here are a few of the easiest way to do so:


- Find your latest mail from 123vouchercodes.co.uk, add the sender name into your list that is marked safe list.
- Locate the address in the “from” line of the email and add it to your personal contacts or into your address book that comes along with Outlook 2003.
- Find the latest email from 123vouchercodes.co.uk and select the icon that says Mark as "not junk".

We appreciate you white listing us :)




If you’re using Google or Gmail as your main mail provider in order to ensure that our mails are being sent to your inbox you need to send 123vouchercodes.co.uk to your contacts list. Here is how you can do this:


- Locate the latest mail correspondence from us, open it.
- Click the icon that is labeled More Options (you will notice it off to the right of the top of the message)
- Extra options will show and you will click "Add sender to contacts list"
- A box that is highlighted will then appear confirming the addition of 123vouchercodes.co.uk.

We appreciate you white listing us.



If you’re utilizing Earthlink you can ensure that you always receive all of our emails by adding us to your address book. Here is how you do this:


- Open up the last message sent from 123vouchercodes.co.uk
- Locate the “from” line of the email and copy the address
- Click on the option that says Address Book
- Upon your address book opening, click on the Add button.
- You will notice an internet information box will pop up
- Enter the address that you copied from the line labeled “from” into the line labeled email box.
- Click save, after process is complete

123vouchercodes.co.uk appreciates you white listing us :)





If your main ISP is MSN version 9, you can ensure that all of our mail is sent to your inbox by sending out address to your safe list. Here is how you can get all of 123vouchercodes.co.uk mail sent to your inbox:

- Locate the latest email sent from us, open the email
- Locate the line that says “from”, copy that address
- Click on the icon labeled settings: email / junk e-mail (you will notice the icon at the bottom left of your screen)
- While on the email settings screen, click the icon labeled Junk e-mail guard
- Select the Safe list
- Where it says “add people to safe list”, enter the address that you copied at the beginning from the “from” line on the email correspondence from 123vouchercodes.co.uk
- Click Add

We appreciate you white listing us :)



There are a lot of popular email programs, including several older email versions such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, as well as Netscape mail that do not provide their users with a convenient means to white list the people that you want to receive mail from. 

If you’re using one of these ISP’s chances are, you are not getting any mail from us, in order to receive the mail correspondance that you want something can be done to rectify the dilemma. Get in contact with the customer service department or the Postmaster of the company. 

Explain to them the significance of being able to receive email that you have asked for. Ask the company if they have anything that you can do in order to white list companies that you wish to receive correspondance from such as 123vouchercodes.co.uk. Upon the company white listing us, they will probably ask you a few questions regarding our correspondents, here is what you can say:

- If the company asks you for the sending address, simply give them the address that is located on the line marked “from” which can be found on one of your most recent emails sent out by us.

- If they ask you for the main domain that emails are being sent from, you can tell them 123vouchercodes.co.uk

Thank you for white listing us, and ensuring that you never miss out on all the great promotional codes, and coupons that we have to offer.

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