Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions


This is the Terms and Conditions agreement for 123vouchercodes.co.uk. These terms are the governing agent that we use to cover our online services. From this point forward, anytime that you hear the reference “Site” you will automatically assume 123vouchercodes.co.uk is being referenced. 

By using this site you’ve confirmed that you agree to all the stipulations that are included in the Terms and conditions portion of 123vouchercodes.co.uk. Please peruse over this agreement carefully and check back periodically for any changes that may have been rendered to this agreement. 

Any modifications made to this agreement will take place immediately on 123vouchercodes.co.uk. 123vouchercodes.co.uk reserves the right to refuse, suspend or terminate an account used on the site if the terms and conditions are not followed accordingly. 


Stipulations for Third Party Sales


There will be different links and frames on the site that are going to lead you to a third party site. Our directory is ran off of other sites and different offers that they’re currently promoting. 123vouhcercodes.co.uk doesn’t sell any goods or services to consumers, nothing on this site shall ever be considered a sale. Any purchases that you commence in will take place on the third party site that you are being made aware of. 

Upon entering a third party site it would behoove you to read all of their terms and conditions that they have instated. Read anything that has to do with sales, returns, warranty’s and privacy so you can ensure that you have an adamant amount of knowledge about all of the sites policies that it enforces. Evaluate each third party site to ensure that it meets your specifications. 

Carefully read anything that the merchants offering, such as their coupons, sweepstakes and specials that are being offered to consumers. 123vouchercodes.co.uk is not held liable for any inaccuracies or misinterpretations of product or service liability. Nor is 123vouchercodes.co.uk responsible for any offensive, illegal, information, promotions, services, viruses, infringing, or computer problems that may results from logging onto a third party site.

123vouchercodes.co.uk does not provide a guarantee that content on offer by the third party site such as prices, promotions, services of products are still valid. You’re voluntarily obtaining voucher codes / coupons that are listed on this site for the purchase of goods and services that you desire.  


You’re agreeing that 123vouchercodes.co.uk it’s licensors, or it’s advertisers have absolutely no liability over what you commence in doing at a third party site or your utilization for the coupons obtained from 123vouchercodes.co.uk. 

No third party sites are controlled by 123vouchercodes.co.uk, nor does the site monitor or review these third party sites, or has any inclination as to what content may be available from these sites. The site does not sponsor, endorse, or make any warranties regarding the third party site. Whatever you do on 123vouchercodes.co.uk is our discretion while you are on our immediate site. 

Whatever you choose to do on a third party site is on your own discretion. 123vouchercodes.co.uk is not connected with this third party site in any manner. Any problems you may have regarding something that may have occurred at the third party site is to be addressed with the third party site not with 123vouchercodes.co.uk.


Property rights of 123vouchercodes.co.uk 

This site is solely protected under all UK and International copyright laws. All of the content, company names, product names, service names and logos are sole possession of 123vouchercodes.co.uk. 

Everything on 123vouchercodes.co.uk, but not limited to, the software that is used, text, graphics, photos, music, videos, sounds  or any interactive features that we choose to incorporate are all subject to trademark, trade dress, copyright by 123vouchercodes.co.uk. All rights are protected under the UK law, as well as the foreign laws and International conventions. 


The copyright policy for 123vouhcercodes.co.uk

If you think that anything that is found on 123vouchercodes.co.uk has been copied in a way that breaks the copyright infringement laws please follow the information about this dispute to the Copyright Agent for 123vouchercodes.co.uk. The easiest and fastest way to get in touch with our Copyright Agent is via our online contact form. We will gladly investigate the situation. 


The site is for personal use only

The site is intended for personal use by individuals only. The site may not be used in any performance, re-transmission or other publication in any way. You agree that if you are to utilize 123vouchercodes.co.uk in any commercial way that you will be subjected to civil and criminal responsibility for your actions. 


In order to enter into agreement you must be over the age of 18

This agreement in its entire entirety must be read and properly understood by a party that is over the age of 18. If a parent wishes to grant permission for their child to utilize the site that is under the age of 18, they may request permission by emailing 123vouchercodes.co.uk through our contact form. Parent must agree that they take full liability for their child utilizing the site. 

If you are under the age of 18 and find any information on this site is illegal or offensive you should stop utilizing this site until you have permission to do so. 


Your representation of age requirements

By using this site you agree that you are at least 18 years of age, and have read and completely comprehended this agreement. You have read the Privacy Policy over thoroughly and submitted all true and accurate information are not trying to use the site in any way that breaks the law. 


License to use this site

Upon submitting this agreement you are herby being granted permission to utilize 123vouchercodes.co.uk. This non-exclusive and non-transferable limited license is issued as long as you consistently abide by all terms and conditions of this agreement that was drawn up specifically for this site. 


Restricted actions on 123vouchercodes.co.uk


Usage of the site

You agree not to save, download, sell, try to license, lease or rent, reproduce, transmit or display any of the materials on this site. 




You agree to keep your username and password confidential for the use of this site. You agree not to permit utilization of this site to anyone but yourself. You will use a Username and Password that cannot easily be guessed by an underlying third party. 

You shall not manipulate any of the codes in any manner. You may not change, or try to translate any such codes in any means. Codes come as is and are to stay that way. Tampering with the codes will cause you to be subjected to civil or even criminal legal penalties. 


Location requirements and consent to use

123vouchercodes.co.uk is ran and operated from the United Kingdom. If you do not reside in the United Kingdom and are accessing this site, you are permitted to follow the terms and conditions as well as the Privacy Policy outlined as well. You must agree with both policies in order to gain access to the site. 


Exportation requirements 

Nothing that you receive from this site shall be exported to another place nor shall you re-export anything from this site. 


Submissions of user content onto the site

123vouchercodes.co.uk cannot accept any ideas, nor materials, comments, or feedback that you suggest on the site that is considered to be confidential information. Anything that you submit onto the site shall be subjected to the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy listed on this site. 

Anything that you upload onto this site shall be marked as non-confidential information. You permit 123vouhcercodes.co.uk permission to all rights on anything that you upload to the site. However the site is not obligated to display anything that a user publically sends. 

You may not upload any user content onto the site that may be deemed abusive, obscene, or libelous. You will be held solely responsible for any content of this sort that is uploaded. 


Disclaimer of content

All site content is displayed on as is basis and as availability without any warranty of any kind being implied. Nor is the site responsible for any inaccuracies or misinterpretations. 


Privacy Policy

The user of this site is governed by the Privacy Policy for 123vouchercodes.co.uk, which is also in this agreement for you to reference.

Explanation of warranties

123vouhcercodes.co.uk makes no warranty about anything that you receive off of this site. The site makes no representations about warranties that are located on this site or about the suitability of the content that you will receive through this site. All information from this site is provided in an as is and as available manner and do not come with any warranties that are expressed in any kind. 

The site as well as anyone that is connected to the site in any manner such as licensors, advertisers, and vendors disclaim and warranties aboput the site or information contained or received through the site. Your use of time on the site is at your own risk and you agree that upon your own judgment you came to the site. 

123vouchercodes.co.uk as well as any parties connected to it thereof, we do not promise that this site will be available at any time or at any particular location. It does not warrant that any errors will be corrected or that information from this site is free from any errors, viruses, or harmful components to your computer. 


Hold Harmless agreement

123vouchercodes.co.uk as well as all of its advertisers, and anyone connected to the site are harmless from any loses, damages, obligations, costs of claims put against the site for any reason. 


Compliance to stipulations

Your admittance to the site may be suspended or terminated for not complying with this agreement and/or any modifications that may come upon this agreement. It is your responsibility to ensure that you read through this agreement consistently to understand everything that it regards. If you violate the terms and conditions of the site your admittance will be taken away with warning.

Understanding the agreement

This agreement is binding between both parties related to all of the information included about the subject thereof. You are entering into this agreement comprehending everything that was discussed and pledging to follow all terms and conditions included. You agree that if you should cease to follow all terms your admittance may be terminated at any time. You may also be subjected to civil and applicable court decisions. 

I have thoroughly read this agreement and comprehend that I will be held liable to abide by all provisions contained here and within.

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