Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


The following document is the Privacy Policy for Please note that all of the Terms and Conditions that give reference to the Privacy Policy are the governing agent for our online services. This also includes any other content that lies within our service at the site. 

Including any sub domains that are established by, along with any other webpage’s that may be found circulating the web that have been provided by, (commonly referred to as the “site”).


The Privacy Policy at has been established in order to extend our commitment to you – the reader. We’ll make sure that you’re always provided with the latest discount codes, promotional coupons, and printable vouchers for deals on some of the best UK retailers both on, and off the web. 

This Privacy Policy has been established to give you (the consumer) a clearer understanding on how we deal with all personal information that’s collected from you. The Privacy Policy will further state how your information is stored in our central server. 

Please make sure that you’ve read over the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy carefully, so that there’s no misinterpretation of your underlying rights. Also please note that the Privacy Policy may be revised from time to time, so it’s in your best interests to constantly stay updated with the content of both our policies. 

Changes to the Privacy Policy at come into effect immediately after the correct revisions have been completed. All changes made to the policy will be posted immediately for your viewing. It’s your sole responsibility to ensure that you keep yourself updated concerning all the litigations of the Terms and conditions and Privacy Policy of the site. 

If you have any questions or concerns or simply want to offer a comment about the services that are rendered, feel free to contact


What kind of information is needed from consumers?

Upon visiting the site, it’s at your discretion to provide two different forms of information. You’ll be able to provide what’s known as active information. Active information is information that you give to us at your own free will.

Information can also be taken in a way that’s not visible to you through a form known as Passive information. This information is normally done on an anonymous basis.

Personally identifiable information is a form of information that can be linked to specific site viewings, such as someone’s name, address, phone number or an email address. This specific form of information is often regarded as your own personal information so your identity can be identified. Sharing any of this information is completely optional, and at your own discretion. 


This site is prohibited for individuals under the age of 13 

It’s not recommended that anyone under the age of 18 utilises the facilities on this site without permission and supervision from a parent or guardian. The parent and guardian will accept sole responsibility for the minor’s use of the site. Information shall not be given by anyone thats under 13 to the site. 

The site does not collect any information knowingly from anyone who is under the age of 13. If by chance a child that is under the age of 13 discloses any identification that refers to them being identifiable as a person without the consent of a parent or guardian the guardian should contact the site immediately. 

Contact can be made via our online contact form in order to remove the child from any promotional codes that may be delivered via their email.


Information that you choose to provide is referred to as active information 

At your discretion you shall provide the site with active information which is information that can be used to identify you. The information that you choose to provide is: your email address, name, physical address, in order to register and begin receiving coupons, and promotional codes. Your post code may be disclosed in order to see information that can be found around your service area. Discount vouchers may also be delivered straight to your inbox, for you convenience, so you can use them at leading participators around your area that are acknowledging the coupons. 


So what do we do with passive information that’s collected on site? 

A standard technology referred to as ‘cookies’ is used on our site in order to collect passive information. Passive information that may be collected is information such as: internet service provider, operating system, browser that’s being used, as well as the date and time that your system visited the site, the site pages that you viewed, the accumulated amount of time spent on the site, as well as other sites that you viewed before entering our site. Why? So we can improve our services.

The passive information that’s gathered doesn’t associate any personal information from the individual(s) that visit our site. If you would not like to emit cookies information while on the site, your cookies may be disabled upon entering. The cookie disabling function should be located in your web browser. 

It would behoove you to contact the help section of your web browser to ensure that cookies are properly disabled. Disabling cookies may hinder some applications on the site and you may not be able to view certain aspects of the site, so be aware of this before disabling your cookies entirely. 


What are cookies? 

Cookies are a feature that is included with your web browser; their main purpose is to simplify your online experience. Web browsers such as Internet Explorer, FireFox and other browsers have the cookie function. 

Cookies are simply small pieces of information that are stored within a user’s web browser; it helps to streamline pages that you visit to make it easier to move between websites. A lot of people like cookies because it personalizes their internet navigating experience.


How is information collected used?

Information given willingly- otherwise referred to as ‘active information’

Active information that you provide will be used to deliver you up to date content, specific features, different advertiser’s information, services offered, or other promotional information that is requested by you. If upon giving out your information you provide your email address, this address will be used to send you information or other activities such as different promotions, coupons and discount codes related to the site and services. 

All information collected will be used to help with the delivery of site related content, different enhanced features, advertising, services rendered or other information upon your request. The active information is also used to enhance your quality of time that you spend online with us. 

Information that you provide may also be used to get in contact with you about any modifications that are being made to the site, different services that are being offered, features and new coupon codes or different products that are offered. Information that the site believes would be valuable to you are utilized as well. 

If you do not wish to receive any of this information you may opt out of these options by contacting us via our contact form here.

However, understand that upon sending a message, your content that is put into that message will be retained as well as your email address, and any information that you provided regarding your experiences with the site. The means that you wish to be contacted as well as a response will be sent to your inbox. The accumulation of this information helps manage follow-up questions that you may have regarding the site and it measures the effectiveness of how your concerns were addressed. All of this information is primarily used in order to improve the sites performance. 

Active information may be shared with other parties that are employed by the site. These people employed by the site will be dealing with business affairs related to the site such as providing you with customer service and support and making sure that the right promotional codes and deals are sent to you. 

If the company acquires new management your personal information will be shared with them, however it will all remain in subject with the terms and privacy policy that are set, that you inadvertently have to agree upon. 


Passive information accumulated through cookie utilization 

Passive information is utilized in order to enhance the overall design of the site and make it easier and friendlier for consumer usage. It is also used in order to optimize your experience on our site and increase the quality of time that you spend reviewing over information listed on the site that interests you. 

Cookies are used by the site in order to gather basic information about the people that visit the site. Information such as how many people have visited the site and how they utilized the services offered are gathered from cookies. 

Passive information is collected automatically through your web browser. However, none of your personal information is allowed to be collected through this process. Passive information will result in you being able to view advertisements and features that entice you, making your viewing experience pleasurable. Cookie from third parties may also be placed on the site to help you capitalize on your online experience. 


Terms regarding your information as well as links that connects to other sites

There are links from other websites that are not solely owned by the site that may have different practices in their privacy enforced. In no way is the site held liable for any content or privacy procedures of another corresponding site. 

It would behoove you to read through the other sites policies before viewing anything on their site. Leaving this site will cause you to disregard privacy policies of this site and have to follow the policies of the corresponding site. 


The sharing of your information with third parties

Your information may be shared with advertisers that participate on the site as well as for aggregated information and user habits and/or characteristics. Your IP address may be used in order to diagnose problems that are going on with the services handled by the site as well as in order to enhance the sites performance and enhance your time while on the site. 


Information sharing with the Government mandated by law

Your information may be disclosed in order to solve a dispute or investigate any problems. Your information may be accessed on a request given by a law official. It can also be accessed in order to maintain services given on the site and improve any services rendered. 


Protection of your Private Information

To prevent outside access from unauthorised users to your information both Active and Passive, all efforts to secure your information are taken. Although all steps are taken in order to safeguard your information, the site is not held responsible if anyone happens to get a hold of your information. The site is making no omission whatsoever that it can always prevent this access from occurring. 

Communication that you have with the site such as emails or anything sent through the mail will not be secure unless you advise that proper security measures need to be taken into account prior to sending out any information. 

Choosing to communicate with the site you are assuming the risk that may come along with it. The site requests that you do not send or post any of your information through email or postal mail services that you do not wish for someone to be able to get a hold of. 


Information for International Users

The site is both hosted and operated in the United Kingdom. Anyone who accesses the site who lives outside of the United Kingdom jurisdictions can do so at their own risk. They take full responsibility for the compliance of terms listed. 

Any personal information that you input will be stored in the United Kingdom in order to provide you with services stated in the Privacy Policy as well as the Terms and Conditions. If you do not reside in the United Kingdom you are agreeing to allow your information both personal and passive to be stored in the United Kingdom. 

Level of legal protection that you can assume on the site may be different if you reside outside of the United Kingdom. Please review legalities for your country in order to assure that you are abiding by their standards as well as those of the site. 


How to contact 

If you wish to contact the site regarding information on products, different services offered and/or promotional codes, discounts, coupons or if you are wishing to delete or edit your information, the best way to contact us is via the online contact form located here.

If you have any further queries about the collection process of your information or to disclose any information regarding your identity you may also write to the site if you deem fit.

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