How It Works

How it works


What are voucher codes you may ask?

Voucher codes, also often referred to as discount codes, and are much like a coupon, only instead of printing them out for use in a store, you enter the code, or mixture of letters and numbers, during the checkout process at an online store. These voucher codes work exactly like a coupon, giving you instant savings off the full or already reduced price of items you are purchasing online.

Some stores also choose to offer printable vouchers that offer the same deal as their online discount vouchers, which you can take with you when you shop in store to receive the same incredible savings.

Voucher codes are valid and executable discount codes used for online shopping.

When you receive or come accross a voucher code for use with online shopping from, you can rest assured that our voucher codes are valid through the expiry date listed and that they will properly execute during the purchase process. 

With codes you receive at other places, you won’t always be guaranteed that they will work every time or that they are even valid for use during your purchase period. Our team ensures that every voucher code listed on is up to date and ready for use by you!


What are printable vouchers?


Printable vouchers are vouchers that can be used both online and in store. If you elect to use the voucher code whilst shopping online, you need only enter the code provided while you are in the checkout process, or print out the voucher and take it with you whilst you shop in store to enjoy the same great savings no matter which way you choose to shop.

What are grocery voucher codes?


Grocery voucher codes help to encourage you to shop for your groceries and sundries online and also in store. Whether you opt to shop online and pick up your groceries, have them delivered or simply shop for them in store, our grocery voucher codes will help you save money on the groceries you purchase most often.


You will use grocery voucher codes the same way as you use other voucher codes you’ll find online at Just look up the code on our web site and type it in the specified location during the checkout process at your favourite grocery store online. Or, if the company offers a printable voucher, print it off and take it to the store with you, to ensure you receive your discounted groceries and other deals whether you shop online or in store.

How you can use’s voucher codes for shopping online?


Shopping online with’s voucher codes is easy. All you have to do is look up your favourite businesses on our web site, find the voucher codes, click the links on the store pages and go to their web site! During the check out process, you’ll be given an opportunity to enter any special codes or coupons on your favourite store’s web site and the savings will automatically appear in your shopping cart before the checkout process is complete!

The shot below is of an actual shopping cart found at the Hewlett Packard Store online.

Notice the shopping cart is set up to show you everything you’ve purchased and then the discount you’re currently receiving from your voucher code. If you look further down the page past the “Continue Shopping” button, you’ll see the sentence, “If you have an evoucher, please enter the appropriate evoucher code below and click the “apply” button”, followed by a place to type in your voucher code. 




Depending on where you shop online, your voucher code could be referred to as a coupon, ecode, discount code, discount voucher, evoucher or something else. Always watch for this section, as you'll have to enter the voucher code at this point in the process to ensure your discount is deducted from the total you owe.

Does 123vouchercodes have an email alerts for discount voucher codes?

Yes! If you're interested in keeping up with and all of the exciting vouchers, deals, exclusives and promotions that we're adding to the site every day, you can sign up for our RSS Feeds or sign up to receive our email newsletter in your email inbox every Monday.

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