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Cheapest prices for sourcingmap® TZ-8111 Plunger Type Momentary 2NO+2NC Limit Switch for CNC Plasma

sourcingmap® TZ-8111 Plunger Type Momentary 2NO+2NC Limit Switch for CNC Plasma

  • Action Type: Momentary; Contact Type: DPST; Actuator Type: Plunger
  • Rating: AC 380V 10(4)A; Product Name: Limit Switch; Country of Manufacture: CHINA
  • Material: Metal, Rubber; Net Weight: 130g
  • Package Content: 1 x Limit Switch; Brand: DMiotech
  • Model: TZ-8111; Total Size: 10 X 2.9 X 2.5cm

Brand new and high quality.Actuator action: momentary.Actuator type: Plunger Type.Contact configuration: 2 NC + 2 NOIP Rating: IP65.Voltage Rating: AC380V, 10(4)A.Package content: 1 x TZ-8111 Limit Switch, Some Mounting Screws are included

List Price: £7.81

Price: £7.81

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Cheapest prices for Blue Banana Plasma Gold 1.2 x 10mm Daith Star Ring (Gold)

Blue Banana Plasma Gold 1.2 x 10mm Daith Star Ring (Gold)

  • Material: Plasma Gold (Titanium) / Suitable For: Daith Piercings
  • Gauge: 1.2mm/16 Gauge / Diameter: 10mm
  • Please Note: All Earrings And Other Piercings Are Non-Returnable

Want to wear something a little different in your dainty daith piercing? Looking for jewellery with a hint of luxury? Then you’re sure to love the Blue Banana Plasma Gold 1.2 x 10mm Daith Star Ring, the ideal addition to any body jewellery collection! This continuously formed ring is made from hypoallergenic titanium, making it a great option for anyone seeking corrosion resistant, durable jewellery. Suitable for use in healed or fresh piercings, this polished gold star shaped ring is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd. If you want a bit of bling to add some real star quality to your piercing, look no further than the Blue Banana Plasma Gold 1.2 x 10mm Daith Star Ring!

List Price: £3.55

Price: £3.55

Flux® 360 Plasma Lighter, Double Arc Torch USB Electric Laser Lighter ★ Eco-Friendly- Windproof – USB Rechargeable – Fuel Free – All Angles ★ Airport Safe – Splash Proof – 12 Month Warranty – Luxury Gift Box – Laser Dual Beam Technology (White)

  • ► DOUBLE ARC PLASMA WAVE TECHNOLOGY – Flux Lighter uses plasma arc technology to create a plasma wave of high frequency that burns at high temperatures. Use a Flux Lighter for anything a traditional lighter can do but better.
  • ► RECHARGEABLE + ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Never have to buy another disposable lighter which preserves precious metals, finite fuels and landfills. The arc lighter houses a rechargeable lithium ion cell instead of fuel. The cell is charged using a micro USB (Like an Android phone) cable in around 1 hour and lasts for 3+ hours of use which equates to around 200-300 lights or 2 – 3 weeks with normal use.
  • ► WINDPROOF RAINPROOF & ROHS/CE APPROVED – the Flux Lighter is flameless so its is unaffected by wind or water. Use it under any conditions; rain or shine. Since it doesn’t contain any dangerous fuel it’s also airport safe
  • ► BUTANE FREE – Save on carbon emissions and protect yourself from this potentially dangerous chemical.
  • ► 12 Month Warranty – Flux electric lighters are built to last. We include a 12 month warranty with every purchase.

Your boring Aunty will hate this but the squad will be buzzing
1. Environmentally friendly and fuel free, when a plasma lighter replaces a disposable lighter we reclaim all the precious metal and fuel that would have been used.
2. Angle engineered lighting surface, for an easier smoother light our double arc is angled upward to make lighting that much easier.
3. Micro USB Rechargeable lithium ion battery, is fully charged in around 1 hour and lights for 100-300 lights which usually lasts 1 to 2 weeks.
4. Windproof & splash proof – will work in even heavy winds and light rain.
5. Fuel free – never be reliant on carbon based fuels again.
6. Take your smoking area game to the next level, these lighters could start conversations with mutes.

How to Use: (it’s pretty simple)
1. Simply press the button to the right and the plasma arcs will start in an ‘X’ shape.
2. With built-in high rate battery, it can be charged using the USB to microUS

List Price: £16.95

Price: £16.95

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List Price: £29.99

Price: £11.27