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Cheapest prices for ID Photo

ID Photo

  • Adjust color (grayscale)
  • Easy crop
  • Use photos from your gallery
  • Save images in JPEG
  • Lots of layout templates of different types of documents of different countries
  • Canvas print of your photo for document
  • Processing time max-one minute

Price: £0.00

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Cheapest prices for ModiFace Photo Editor

ModiFace Photo Editor

  • === Basics ===
  • – Brightness and contrast adjustments
  • – Sharpening and blurring
  • – Image cropping
  • === Facial and Beauty ===
  • – Blemish removal (magic touch!)
  • – Color contact try-ons
  • – Makeup/Costemic try-ons
  • – Teeth whitening
  • – Enlarge eyes
  • – Brighten eyes
  • – Nose and jaw contour enhancements
  • – Smoothen skin
  • === Advanced ===
  • – Instant looks
  • – Face slimming visualization
  • – Body slimming visualization
  • – Warping – expand, pinch, twirl or spin, drag
  • – Image filters
  • – Frames
  • – Text Insertion
  • === Others ===
  • – Download and upload images from Facebook
  • – Face detection for the ease of apply facial effects
  • – Before and After comparison

List Price: £0.00

Price: £0.00

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Cheapest prices for Angkor Wat Photo Guide (The Revival of Ancient Angkor Book 4)

Angkor Wat Photo Guide (The Revival of Ancient Angkor Book 4)

Angkor Wat in 68 photos and 4 maps. In black and white, AND IN A FULL COLOUR PDF.

The E-Book and the PDF will be automatically updated.

The temple is introduced step by step, in total and in context.

Visiting Angkor Wat you want to see the most attractive sites.

– Are you planning a tour on your own, with an individual guide or in a guided tour?

– Are you curious and just want to get into the picture?

– Do you want to take photos, study the play of light and shade and the change of colours from early morning throughout the day till to the late afternoon?

– Do you want to get orientated, avoid the crowds, find quiet places, and see more?

– Or have you already finished your visit and do you want to bring the pieces together?

Anyhow, this book will definitely enhance your tour.

Angkor Wat features a unique collection of images: beautiful goddesses, ephebic juveniles, torturers, happy girls, proud warriors and fierce fighting.