Computer users are divided into 2 categories PC or MAC computers. Each owner swears by their brand and many remain very loyal to the computer they are used to. The question that we will discuss here is MAC Vs PC – Which is more Cost Effective?

Mac computers: Macintosh computers were developed by Apple. They were originally a one of a kind computer and were introduced in January 24, 1984. They were the first personal computers and enjoyed a great surge of success in the 1980’s. Today MAC is still a popular computer and has its own operating system. The MAC is preferred by those who do not like the Windows operating system and enjoy the unique MAC features.

Personnel computers: These are copies of the original MAC computers. They really came into their own in the 1990’s with IBM leading the way. Now many different companies have jumped on the bandwagon and the vast majority of computer users have these types of PC’s. These computers run on the Widows operating system.

MAC software: the latest MAC operating system is known as the Snow Leopard. Much of its software was rewritten from the Mac OS X version.  The upgrade to the Snow Leopard costs $29. There are a number of Apple apps that come as free software. Like Itunes and Ilife. It also has its own browser Safari.

PC software: the windows operating system has undergone several upgrades starting with Windows 3.0 the latest operating system is Windows 7.0. It also has its own browser the Internet Explorer. It has a fair amount of freeware like Windows Media and PC’s also come with extra Windows programs like WordPad, which is similar to Microsoft Word.

MAC vs. PC Price:  MAC computers do cost more but they are unique and come with many apps. They have 9 basic types of computers, including lab tops.

PC computers are more run of the mill and come in many shapes and sizes. They have varying prices and you can choose the computer that best suits your needs.

If you are looking for a cost effective alternative when it comes to computers you will find some bargains online. This is really the way to find good deals on any computer be it a MAC or PC. You can search for cheaper computers to find bargains. However, be sure that you know what you are getting as features vary with all computer makes. Once you have found some choices make a list of them and the local stores where you can get them. Then go to your local store and see them in person.

MAC Vs PC – Which is more Cost Effective?

If you are looking for a beautiful computer with many apps and state of the art technology then you might want to consider a MAC computer. However if you are the frugal type who just wants a functioning computer for basic stuff the common PC will probably be just fine for you. Of course, the PC is cheaper but you really get what you pay for.

So when you consider both types of computers you will find that they are both cost effective when you look at the features.  You get good value for your money when you buy a product from Apple as they stand behind their products and you will have an operating system that has fewer bugs than the Windows Operating System. The PC’s are good for basic things and have gone down in price with the advent of the laptop.