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THE Checklist for Frugal Christmas Shopping

Tips and tricks to save money this Christmas, so you do not go broke

Christmas and the holiday season is the busiest shopping time of the year. It is the time when retailers look to make their best sales and recuperate the losses they have usually incurred for the rest of the year. Consumers buy like there was no tomorrow and by the time the New Year comes they often face a mountain of debt.

The frugal Christmas shopper knows how to get all the Christmas gifts on their list and still stay in the black. What is their secret? Let us take a quick look at a Christmas checklist for frugal Christmas shopping.

  1. Be prepared: get your gift list ready and know exactly what you need to buy. This will prevent spontaneous buying, which will increase spending.
  2. Cash only: This is hard to do but very necessary. Do not use credit cards. If you do you will be tempted to buy things without taking into account the price. This is a sure way to create a mountain of credit card debt to pay off in the coming year.
  3. Be creative: think of unique Christmas gift ideas. When you buy presents try to make them unique and fitting for the person. It is not necessarily how much it costs but whether it is a worthwhile gift that your loved one will enjoy. Many unique gifts are not expensive but will be much appreciated.
  4. Sales: There are plenty of sales around the holiday season with chances to get cheap Christmas gifts. Just remember to keep an eye on the paper and TV ads.
  5. Save big on after Christmas sales: this m ay sound insane but many people save a lot on after Christmas sales. Prices are cut as much as 50% after Christmas because the retailers have a surplus of stock and want to sell it off rather than keeping it for a whole year. You can take advantage of these sales and keep the gifts in a safe place. It will save you time as well as money as you will have to do less shopping in the crowded stores at Christmas time.
  6. Do it yourself: if you enjoy arts and crafts, knitting and sewing etc. you can make some lovely gifts for people on your list. Making your own gifts will save you a lot of money and enable you to give unique presents to your loved ones.
  7. Baking: home baked gifts are always popular for many people on your list. This is one of the cheap Christmas gifts you can give but is greatly appreciated. You can look for recipes online or use some traditional family ones.
  8. Gift cards: rather than giving gifts that the recipient may not like you can always give them a gift card for their favourite shop.  This will save you time and you can get gift cards to match your budget.
  9. Decorations and Christmas lights: when you buy these items always buy them directly after Christmas so that you will take advantage of the post Christmas sales. Decorations and other accessories are usually at least ½ off and can easily be stored until next Christmas. You will save a lot of money by doing this.
  10. Christmas cards: You can buy these at the January sales and usually save 50% off the regular price. When you make your own you will save even more and delight your loved ones with unique Christmas cards.

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Top Christmas Gifts from Our Christmas Gift Guide

Top Christmas Gifts

Top Christmas Gifts For Your Near And Dear Ones

When Christmas is just around the corner people begin to feel a constricted feeling around their neck as the invisible noose of urgency begins to tighten as each day draws Christmas closer. Nobody, no matter how miserly they may be, wants to be caught pants down by friends and family members because they didn’t take the time out to purchase the ultimate Christmas gifts for them. There are always those common things that we exchange each year in the name of being merry. Among these age old Christmas gifts there are candies, clothes, DVDs, toys and beleive it or not “gloves” (shock horror). However if you really want to make an impression you should come up with unique gift ideas which ideally shouldn’t leave you bankrupt.

Personalised Gift Ideas

The best thing about being close to your family and friends is that often times you know what tickles their fancy. It makes gift shopping a tad easier, although there is so much of the same thing you can do every year. So our first recommendation for the ultimate Christmas gift is to go personal. Personalised gifts are all the rave right now and there are absolutely thousands of ideas out there. Our top personalised gift ideas:

Personalised Heart Trinket BoxPersonalised Heart Trinket Box

This silver plated heart-shaped trinket box can be engraved with your own personal message of up to 45 characters including spaces.

Engraved Diamante Cufflinks

Give him an extra special gift he can treasure forever…These engraved cuff links are stylish and contemporary and have a shiny silver plated finish.

 Personalised Classic BooksPersonalised Classic Books

Now you, your family and friends can star in one of 8 classic books…Simply choose up to six people you would like to feature as the leading characters in the book.

Personalised 'Mr & Mrs' ApronPersonalised ‘Mr & Mrs’ Apron

Made from 100% unbleached heavyweight cotton with a choice of some great fabrics front pocket. Even better you can have it personalised with a name/nickname or phrase of your choice.

 Personalised Champagne in Engraved BoxPersonalised Champagne in Engraved Box

Give them a stylish & elegant bottle of champagne with a unique twist. Simply provide us with their name and a gift message and our designers will create a beautiful golden label with those details expertly printed on it.

Christmas Gifts For The Home

Every home needs essential items time and again. We are not referring to food and groceries mind you, rather home accessories that are always in demand such as bed linen, towels and scented candles. Most of our recommendations are not gender specific but useful and brilliant Christmas gifts regardless.

Christy TowelsHand towels from Christy Towels UK

Christy Towels are the leading UK brand in towels. They offer a variety of towels for every need and also specialise in bed linen, duvets, robes and much more. An elite brand in the world of towels by all accounts.

Dinnerwear from marks and sparksDinnerware from Marks And Spencer

Tableware from Marks and Spencer is the epitome of class. The quality of their china are second to none. We endorse the quality of the products on offer at M&S for all sorts of tableware. This Christmas gift can say a million words to the intended recipient.

Posters from Art from

Posters are truly still in fashion and are much appreciated. As you are gift shopping for a particular person, you will no doubt know their taste in music, culture, fashion and possibly their favorite actors. Original print posters are our hot favorites this Christmas. Get them framed for a few quid more if you can, that really makes a difference.

Garden furniture and home items from HabitatGarden Furniture from Habitat

A truly unique brand for absolutely unique home and garden products, Habitat have some really amazing items that will fit the Christmas gift shopping list.

Christmas Gifts For Parents

Despite popular belief there are still Christmas gifts out there that are truly gems for parents. We are in the online shopping business and which is how we know what works best in terms of popular, not so popular and then some unusual Christmas gift ideas. It can be hard enough coming up with ideas for individual gifts for Mum and Dad, so consider looking for a single gift that they can both enjoy. However, with a little thought about what they have in common and the things they already share, it needn’t be.

LaptopA New Laptop or Netbook With A User Friendly Operating System

A brand new laptop for the parents may be the one gift they really need this Christmas. Show them you care. Make sure they get rid of the old dusty desktop which you have to constantly provide tech support for.

Garden LoungerGarden Lounger

This simple design with clean lines will look fabulous on any patio or in any corner of your parent’s garden. Click on the image to see a variety of ideas suited for the perfect garden furniture.

Ebook ReadersAn Ebook Reader for the avid book readers

Get an elegant ebook reader from Amazon. Amazon’s own Kindle is the most popular and most wished for Christmas present this year. It is lightweight, convenient and makes reading and buying books a snap. The ultimate gift.

A New Mobile Phone

We don’t recommend an overly complicated mobile phone, but hey you know your parents best. Click on the image to see a selection of the best and most popular mobile phones for this year. A colour screen, a flip design or even a touchscreen are all nice touches.

Christmas Gifts For Kids

You cant forget the kids obviously. They look forward to Christmas the most. Every kid dreams up their perfect Christmas gift every year and just cannot wait for Christmas Eve to finally arrive. Make most of these excellent Christmas gift ideas for children. They come in big boxes too, all the more exciting for the little ones as they hover around the Christmas tree.

Remote Controlled HelicopterRF Remote Controled Helicopter

The must have present and toy for this Christmas. There are numerous RF helicopters to choose from, take your pic by following the link. These are incredibly popular with all ages.

Nintendo DSINintendo DSI Pink (for the little princesses)

This is a must have accessory for every schoolgirl under 10. Well ok, sometimes over 10 as well. The latest version of the DSI is must faster, responsive and comes with a huge selection of games to choose from. Make sure they don’t own one already though.

Sony PSP GoSony PSP GO

The new Sony PSP (Play Station Portable) is much lighter, has a bigger screen and has hundred of exciting games to choose from. We can guarantee this is going to be one of the favorites this Christmas. Don’t stop at kids, the PSP is for all ages.

Kids ShoesBrand Spanking New Shoes

Shoes go a long way, but only for adults. Every kid outgrows their shoes every six months. Christmas is the perfect time of year for new shoes. Our research shows that kids shoes are a hit every year for all children.

If you are in search of baby gifts, you might want to check out some cracking ideas for baby gifts in our dedicated baby gift article.

I Love You Christmas Gifts

Nothing beats a gift from the heart on Christmas and never goes unnoticed.

Create your own perfumeCreate Your Own Perfume Experience

A truly unique gift for your sweetheart. You can send your loved one on a exclusive perfume creating extravaganza. Using a range of 18 blends created by the Master Perfumer from The Perfume Studio.

My Last roloGive a gold plated last rolo

This beautifully crafted token of love is the ideal gift for Valentines Day but makes an equally romantic gift at any time of year including Christmas.

JewelleryDazzling Jewellery That Says It All

Glitz, glamour and charm all come together when you see a lady with sparkles around their neck and wrists. There are absolutely millions of ideas for jewellery for your partner. We didn’t want to push something specific down your throat, take your pick on Amazon’s huge selection of jewellery this Christmas.

Christmas Gifts For Mates

WatchesDesigner Quartz Watches (Amazon super deals)

Christmas ia a joyous time of the year as we know it. You would not be what you are if it weren’t for your mates. Give them a designer watch this Christmas and secure a long lasting friendship.

Designer perfumes (best online prices)

Make sure your mates don’t get the wrong end of the stick with this one. Make sure you tell them they smell great as it is. Click the image and search for the perfumes and colognes from top brands at extremely competitive prices. Order early.

ClothesClothing and Accessories

Designer clothes and accessories are all the rave these days. With sales prices and amazing deals going on all over the country, you are bound to get a good deal for a top designer brand. Shirts, gloves, scarves, jumpers, ties and socks are all great Christmas gifts.

Unusual Christmas Gifts

Moonlighting CushionColour Changing Moonlight Cushion

The Moonlight Cushion is a novelty pillow filled with colour changing LED lights that phase through calming colours of the rainbow.

Worlds Wackiest Racers Driving ExperienceWorlds Wackiest Racers Driving Experience

This has got to be the most memorable motorised experience ever! Be chauffeured through country lanes and around tracks in the Worlds fastest street-legal bed.

Personalised Star of Fame - Star of Fame FoundationPersonalised Star of Fame
You know your loved one means more to you than Brad Pitt or Marilyn Monroe – now prove it with a ‘Star of fame’. The ‘Star of fame foundation’ will create a stunning framed star certificate personalised with the name of your choice.

Inflatable Cowboy Fancy Dress Costume Inflatable Cowboy Fancy Dress Costume
If you’re looking for fun ideas for fancy dress or original funny gifts, this fancy dress costume of a cowboy and horse is sure to be a hit at parties this Christmas and other fun events!

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