Always Check The Returns Policy Before Buying Shoes Online

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An everyday norm is shopping for shoes in a shoe store. We are stating the obvious but will attempt to change your attitude through our utterly genius ramblings on this blog. It is so important to try some shoes on, walk in them feel them and be sure they will serve their purpose once you walk out of the store. We completely agree with all of the above but let’s introduce online shoe shopping to you. Yes, we know, absurd, but read on.  You might not be aware of the money saving opportunities buying shoes online presents. Let’s explore some of these ideas.

Online shoe stores offer discounts of up to 90%. There are “always” special offers online and even voucher codes for most of the online stores. We list offers for online shoe stores as soon as they are released. You will find big brands like Reebok, Nike, Loake and Adidas at massively reduced prices. We even listed designer shoes that were reduced by 70% recently. The savings are big but the catch is that you buy them online.

Online shoe stores are coming up with new and innovative ways to give you an up close look your new shiny shoes online. They are so advanced nowadays; you’ll practically think you’re wearing them. Heck, they do all but put them on your feet! It really is a charm doing all your shopping online.

Ok, now that you have bought your shoes online (and saved some moola in the process) and they arrive the next day all packed up neatly. You try them on; they fit perfectly and look the business. Result!

There may be instances where you may run into problems with your order. The voice in the back of your head says “Aww man, I knew I should have gone to the store”. This is where the returns policy comes in. You may have found that the shoes are one size too small or they are not the same design as the ones you chose, or even missing a lace. You could dish them off to your nephew or friend, but what you ideally should do is return them to the online store to either get a refund or a replacement. Check the store’s return policy before you buy. If the shoes don’t fit, make certain that you can return them free of charge. Even if you’re not happy with them in general, you should be able to return them at no charge. Concerned about the shipping fee? Just another reason to check the returns policy before you buy.

Save a pretty penny and buy all your shoes online. But before you do, make sure the online store’s return policy is a good one. Don’t be stuck with a brand new pair of shoes you can’t even get your big toe in.

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Thinking Of Buying Online? Always Use Your Credit Card!

Are you about to make a purchase online? It’s important to know that you are financially protected for all online purchases. By using your credit card for online purchases in the UK, you will have the buyer protection that credit cards offer. Using your debit card doesn’t offer the same protection that credit cards do, so be sure to *always* use a credit card. Let’s take a look at how credit card protection works, and how to identify websites that offer secure ordering online.

Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act of 1974 provides extra legal protection when you buy goods or services costing £100 or more on your credit card. It says the credit card company is jointly responsible with the supplier if the goods are faulty or improperly described or the service you receive doesn’t live up to what it advertises. It can be a form of insurance since it allows you to claim against the credit card company if the supplier has gone bankrupt. Be aware that the protection only applies to credit cards such as Visa or Mastercard and not to charge cards where the balance has to be paid in full each month. It also doesn’t apply to debit cards. So it is important to make your purchase with a credit card when buying online. Furthermore, the E-commerce Directive 2002 ensures that all consumers are protected from fraud whenever they use their credit cards. This includes using your credit card online. So, essentially using your credit card online is no different from using it on the high street.

It is doubly important to verify where it is actually safe to use a credit card online. Make sure you’re dealing with a reputable online store. It is important that the store has a real address, a contact number, and a secure checkout web page.



There are hundreds of ways to identify a site’s authenticity. Some of them may be a way a site looks like, how the pages are structured, are the ordering forms secured via SSL etc. You will be surprised that identifying a safe website is not a very hard thing to do as all the tell tale signs will be overtly apparent.

Another thing to look out is SSL (secure pages) on the websites you plan to buy from. There are hundreds of SSL providers. The top two include VeriSign and Thawte as leading Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate Authorities enabling secure e-commerce, communications, and interactions for web sites, intranets, and extranets. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a secure version of the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (http). HTTPS allows secure ecommerce transactions, such as online banking, purchasing and even entering your personal data.

SSL padlock

SSL Padlock

Its easy to identify when a page or site is secured with SSL. Web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox display a padlock icon to indicate that the website is secure. It also shows the web address or URL begins with https://. When a user connects to a website via HTTPS, the website encrypts the session with a digital certificate and all information passed between the user and the site is encrypted. Always look out for the padlock on the ordering pages. DO NOT buy from a site that asked for your credit card details on a non secure page.

So before you shop online, decide to use your credit card for protection. For added protection, be sure to use a website that has a secure checkout.

Curb Your Impulse To Buy In Store, Buy It Online

Online Shopping, do it our way!

Online Shopping, do it our way!

Let’s face it, shopping is fun! Whatever you’re in the market for, trying to find it is as much fun as using the product itself. Many of you opt for in store shopping, whilst a growing number of shoppers use the Internet to find the best deal. The Internet is a beautiful thing, we can’t say that enough. These days you can find anything with the click of a button. The same notion can be applied to shopping. Anything you want can be had by shopping online.

All our staff here are experts in the online shopping arena. They search the web for the best online deals and discounts day in day out and post them right here for the world to see. The purpose of this article is to share the tips and techniques on how to get the best possible deal for your purchase.

Best methods for online shopping explained

Our advice is simple, before you buy your next impulse purchase extravaganza *ALWAYS SHOP ONLINE*.  Let’s justify our comment. We all have the need to visit a shop, store or mall to buy certain items that we would feel uncomfortable buying online. Perhaps a sofa, a dish washer or a watch even? You want to see the price, touch the product, feel and admire it before you hand over your credit card to the ever so lovely shop assistant (they are paid for that make up). We want to ask you, as politely as possible, to hold your horses right there. You already know what you want to buy. You have seen it first hand, touched it, felt it, smelt it, lusted over it etc etc *and* you feel it’s worth spending your children’s inheritance on. Good good, we have made good progress towards the purchase process cycle. Now go home, put on a cuppa on the boil, turn on the TV and relax.

That’s it folks, thanks and good night.

Nah, we are kidding. Are you relaxed? Ok cool, jump on to your PC or Mac (whatever rocks your boat), and now consider searching for that product online. Do a Google search or go to a price comparison website such as Pricerunner or Kelkoo. These websites will show you the there is a price war on your specific product. Stores are trying to compete for the best possible price including delivery. The cheapest store for your product comes on the top spot. We are sure that 99 out of 100 times that your product will be a lot cheaper than the “in store” price you saw.

Cool, now you have the cheapest price for your desired product from an online store. Lovely, you have made it further down the purchase process, but don’t buy yet; one more step to go, patience is a virtue my friend.

Now log on to and search for discount codes for the store your wish to purchase from. We have almost every store in the UK listed on our site so it is definitely worth looking out for.

If you have found a voucher code for your store, you can potentially save from 5% to 30% off the listed price. Go ahead and place your order with the store and remember to enter the discount code when prompted during the checkout.

This completes your purchase cycle. You have now bought your desired product and are now quids in. You have saved double with price comparison online and saved further with a discount code. RESULT!

In certain cases, the prices can be reduced by up to 70% if you make a purchase using the methods we have highlighted above. Typical savings average out to about 20% off the RRP, which is still substantial.

An idiot’s guide to online shopping:

  1. Don’t buy it in store.
  2. Search online for the best price and store.
  3. Search for a voucher code for that store on
  4. Place your order with the discount code.
  5. You have potentially saved up to 30%.
  6. Bob’s your father’s brother.


We do have an obligation to big up our own site, so here goes.

Make online shopping a fun experience. We want to make it fun-er for you and help you save BIG too. We have literally hundreds of stores where you’ll find everything under the sun. Our user friendly website gives you many options to choose from, which will make your online shopping experience stress free and convenient. At, you can shop by special offers, by deal or by your favourite stores. We love online shopping and so should you :)