5 Cheap Romantic Getaways Your Better Half Would Love as Much You

There are times in this hectic life that we just need to get away, and who better to escape with than your special someone. When money is tight, though, this may seem more like a dream than reality. Not anymore! Here are 5 cheap romantic holidays that both you and your better half can enjoy.

1: Summer Holiday Package Deals

Travellers hoping to enjoy a romantic holiday this summer may want to start looking now. Although last minute doesn’t rule out cheap holidays altogether, summer is one of the most popular travel times meaning some hot stops you had hoped to visit could very well be booked. You might end up staying in the hotel down the street if you wait too long. Expedia makes it easy to search holiday deals to find the right one for you on its website www.expedia.co.uk. You will find an array of possibilities including ski trips, beach holidays or a peaceful escape to the mountains. Choosing a destination may be challenging, but finding one to meet your budget will not be thanks to the many options of discount travel sites like Expedia.

2: Weekend Getaways

Who says you have to wait until summer? No one. If you are ready to escape your hectic schedule now, pick a weekend to get away with your better half. Sites like www.lastminute.com specialize in just this—making it easy to find the perfect getaway on short notice. You can find a wide choice of available last minute holiday packages that offer the most value for your money, not to mention picks that both you and your partner will enjoy.

3: Holiday Package Deals to Celebrate Away

Maybe this next holiday season, you and your specials someone could use a change of pace from the holiday hustle and bustle. Or, perhaps just getting away for a couple days before (or after) your holiday season full of family and friends may be the perfect refresher. You can easily find a hotel to suit your needs and preferences online with many sites available, such as www.hotels.com. It’s quite simple—just pick your destination, select your travel dates and the number of travellers; you can also optionally specify some hotel features you would like. From the list of hotels you are sure to find a great holiday package deal that you will both be glad you found.

4: Try Swapping Residences

When looking for cheap package holidays, sometimes you need to be a little creative; and one cheap getaway that many overlook is swapping residences with family, friends or other couples who are looking to get away also. They may enjoy visiting your city, whereas as theirs may be the perfect spot for you and your better half. The best part—everyone saves the cost of hotel accommodations which can be just what you need when traveling on a budget. If there are no possible family and friends to swap with, there are plenty of travellers online who are interested in swapping, just be sure all arrangements understood in advance by all parties.

5: Try a “Staycation

With the UK economy still on a low, many travellers are reverting to what has now been termed a staycation where you stay at home but, essentially, act as a tourist in your own city. As odd as this may sound to some, think about how busy you become and miss out on all your town has to offer. This is the perfect opportunity to stay home and tour the town as a couple. Take a ferry ride if available, reserve a table at the restaurant you have both wanted to try, or get tickets to a local musical. Planning out your weekend staycation together can be loads of fun if even just the anticipation of it. You can save bundles on this “getaway” by not actually going away but still enjoy the rest, relaxation and rejuvenation you need. Just be sure to put all work aside—absent that, your staycation plan will not be a success. Enjoy it!

Create the Big Day You Want Frugally

Save Money without Looking Cheap When You Have a Party

Your wedding day is meant to be the happiest day of your life. It is also one of the most expensive days of your life. Many parents spend months after their children’s weddings simply paying off the bills. You really do not have to have this awful aftermath to such a happy occasion. There are ways to cut costs dramatically and still have all the pomp and ceremony that your child deserves.

5 tips to have a frugal wedding

  1. Have a plan: one of the most important parts of event management is planning it carefully. Do not leave this to the last moment; always make a plan a few months before the event. Once you have a plan in place you can assign tasks to various members of the family and to friends.
  2. List what you need: List everything you need and go through the list to see where you can save money. You will be quite surprised at the amount of money you will save.
  3. Invitations: make your own. This will look different but if you make them really unique your guests will be impressed. Take some time to do this and consult the bride and groom to be so that they can help you to make the invitations unique and personal to them.
  4. Look for discount deals: there are lots of discount deals on wedding party accessories. Start shopping a few months before the event and look for bargains on party things and wedding accessories. Party stores often have sales at different times of the year. You can buy the item when it is on sale and keep it for the occasion.
  5. Wedding dress: You can buy one at special discount prices, or if you have someone who sews at home you can have one stitched at home. Alternatively, if you really want to save money you can use a prom dress, because it will only have been worn once. Another way to save money is to rent a dress.

When you are going to throw a big party it does not have to make a big hole in your pocket book

5 money saving deals for a cheap party/wedding reception

  1. Get the family involved: most family members on both sides are happy to help out on the big day. Food can be simple and made at home with different family members bringing different dishes. In this way nobody gets an overload of work.
  2. Put up a tent: if you have a back garden, instead of renting a hall you can just rent a tent. This is much cheaper and will still shelter all the guests for the party.
  3. Make it a lunch party: this means that you can serve a buffet style meal and do not have to get such expensive food. Let the family help you with this.
  4. Instead of having caterers you can have a lunch for your guests in a local restaurant. The restaurant may be able to give you a flat rate discount if you bring a certain number of people.
  5. Decorations: if you are having your event at home or in a rented hall, you should keep the decorations simple. They will still look classy and somewhat unique. You can use greenery, from your own back garden and have contrasting white lights.

These money saving tips can be used for any party you want to throw. Birthdays, anniversaries and weddings are just a few occasions when you want to invite a friends and family to join in your big day.

5 Great Inexpensive Bridal Shower Gifts

5 Ideas for Frugal Bridal Shower Gifts


A bridal shower is a fun event. It can either be at home or at the office. Popular places for a bridal shower are the workplace or a local restaurant.  You can even have it at a local park, but wherever you hold it you want your gift to be unique and memorable for the future bride and groom.

These days it is hard to find good bridal shower gifts at a reasonable price. Everything is either overpriced or just looks cheap. However it is not impossible to find cheap and classy gifts. You just need to know where to look and what to get. Before you start it is best to know the bride’s choice. If you want to play it safe then you can use a bridal registry. It will not be a surprise but at least you can be sure that the bride will like it.

Here are 5 bridal shower gifts ideas to help you.

  1. Scrapbook: Photographs of the couple and maybe even some nice mementos they can cherish through the years is a nice thought for a bridal shower gift. This is not so expensive but holds memorable moments that the couple can enjoy.
  2. Beauty salon gift certificate: this will allow the bride to be to look their best on the big day. She can get herself all decked up, get her hair styled and really spoil herself. Alternatively you can also give a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure or a certificate for a massage to pamper the bride prior to her wedding. This will help her to relax and be less tensed on the big day.
  3. Special interest gift: if the couple have a mutual hobby, or like doing some activities together, you can give them a gift that relates to this. This will be a nice shared gift that they can both enjoy. An example of this is a sport like football. You can give them a pair of tickets to the big game. Maybe they love to go on cross country cycling trips. You can give them some useful gift in relation to this sport.
  4. Use money off codes: You can use promo codes and discounts for your gift. This is especially good if you are giving decoration pieces which may have cost quite a bit in the normal way. In this way you will be giving a classy gift but will not have paid a classy price for it. You can find these promo codes online at different websites.
  5. Decoration piece: there are lots of nice but inexpensive decoration pieces to be found at your local swap meet. You can often get things at bargain prices here. Nobody will know where you got it, if you do not tell them, and it will delight the couple. Not only decoration pieces but all sorts of unusual gifts can be found at these places.

There are many frugal bridal shower party ideas that you can use to make this the best party ever but without the huge costs. A nice gift for the couple would be to organize the bridal shower party yourself. You can get together a group of friends and arrange for the party to be held at your home, local restaurant, or at the office. Try to get a flat rate from any restaurant because they can often give you a discount when you do this. Always plan the event well so that there are no hitches when it is time for the event.