Buying Computer Hardware the Frugal Way

Tips to help you save when you buy new hardware

Maintaining your computer can be quite expensive but there are ways to save when you have to buy new components for it. One of the parts you may find you have to replace is the hard drive. These can be quite expensive. In order to save some money it is wise to consider these tips on Buying Computer Hardware the Frugal Way.

  1. Check online: there are many different price ranges that you will find when it comes to getting a new hard drive for your computer. You should do your research and check the various prices. There are a number of sites offering great deals like and these sites specialize in all sorts of computer accessories including great deals on hardware
  2. Review sites: these sites are very useful for showing you what cheap computer hardware is available. They may also have specials for different brands of hardware. These reviews are often written by those people who have had experiences with different types of hardware. A good site to visit for reviews and deals is it has reviews and also some great deals.
  3. Forums: there is nothing like hearing about products first hand. This is what you can do at . You can also ask questions and even give answers about computer parts and accessories at the forum here. There are reviews posted here and also a shop where you can pick up good deals. Additionally there are blogs and information on computer accessories.
  4. Do it yourself: You can actually insert the hardware yourself which will save you service costs. This means that you can get a discounted hardware and then put it together. You can do this quite easily for a hard drive, with a little know how. There are do it yourself tutorials online to help you do this if you are not quite sure how to insert new hardware.
  5. Build a pc: If you look up DIY PC (do it yourself PC) on Google. Here you will find many kits and guides to help you build your own computer. If you have the skills this is a great way to go, as you will save money and have a wonderful custom made computer, with great hardware. These tutorials will also tell you how to put in a new hard drive.
  6. Check the manufactures’ websites: these websites often have sales and specials on computer accessories. They also have descriptions so you know what you are getting. Additionally they will have guarantees if you get from the manufacturer. You can take advantage of these and save a lot of money.
  7. Try auction websites: you can pick up nice deals at the auction sites. You need to be careful that the seller has a good reputation and the website is reputable. Auction sites are good for computer parts and you can save quite a bit of money.
  8. Shop around at your local stores: you can compare prices with local search or phone your local stores yourself. Sometimes there are sales and coupons printed in the local paper. You can take advantage of these to get a good deal.
  9. Get coupons online: you can get coupons at online websites for all sorts of things, including cheap computer hardware. You can get good savings with these coupons but be careful to read the terms of use first. Sometimes restrictions apply.

With all these options, it is easy to get a good deal on hardware for your computer. Buying computer hardware the frugal way has never been easier.

Teaching Children the Value of Money

The advantages of teaching money sense to your children

Teaching children the value of money is very important. This is because children need financial guidance to help them in later life. Much of the reason for people’s failures in budgeting is because they have never been taught money management and the value of money when they were children.

One of the first ways to teach a child about money is by example: It is rightly said “we lead by example” and this is no different. If your child sees that you are living in a frugal way they will do the same. However children are children and they will always want things that are beyond their means. It is up to us to guide them and teach them money management.

Another way is to open a children’s bank account. You can do this at your local bank. If your child is below 18 you will be their co-signer. Encourage them to open a savings account so that they learn how to save the money that they earn from doing small chores. Be sure to teach them how to use a deposit book and withdrawal slips. Try to restrict withdrawals to a few times a year and encourage them to save.

Teach your child to save money by knowing its value:

  1. Let them come with you for basic shopping like the grocery store. In this way they will learn how to buy things and pay for them. This will also show them the value of money.
  2. When you buy clothes for them tell them the price and let them see the difference in quality and price. Clothes are a big item on teens’ list of things to get, so they should be aware of clothing and prices.
  3. Pay them for doing small chores: this will give your kids a sense of earning money. This is a precursor of a job and will teach them how the real world earns money. They can save up some of their chore money and put it in their savings account.
  4. If they want something let them save up for it. This is an incentive to save up money and learn its true value. It is good to set goals and decide to save a certain amount of money. They will enjoy the item better when they have saved money to get it.
  5. For older kids basic budgeting should be taught: by the time your kid gets to the teen years they should learn how to balance a check book and handle a basic budget of expenses and earnings.
  6. It is not advisable to introduce your child to credit cards until they are fully mature. Rampant spending on credit cards will land them in serious financial problems. It is good to explain the dangers of using credit cards and encourage them to use cash when purchasing items.
  7. Small online businesses like affiliate programs are good for older children. This will give them a nice side business to back up their job and give them a little extra for college or other expenses.

When you teach your child about money from an early age you will be able to instil in them some valuable lessons for their future. Children who understand the value of money and budgeting will be able to handle their finances much better when they become adults. This will prevent them from going through the stress of drowning in debt as many people do. They will be able to live happy successful lives without the stress of financial problems.

Ways to Spend Summer at Home and Love it!

Enjoy a vacation at home

Are you tired of the hassle and expense of the annual family vacation? Sometimes it just seems to be more trouble than it is worth.  So why not just have a staycation? What is this you ask? It s a holiday at home, but with none of the hassles of travelling, staying at cheap noisy hotels or packing involved. Sounds boring? Think again!

Here are 6 ways that you can enjoy a staycation summer at home.

  1. Camping: Let the kids enjoy camping outside in your own backyard. This is a fun thing to do. Remember the house will be off limits except if a bathroom break is needed. Make sure the weather is fine and bring some hot dogs, chocolate and marshmallows to roast over the fire under the stars. Even if you do not have kids this is a fun thing to do.
  2. A day at the beach or lake: One of the nicest UK holiday ideas is a day or week at the beach. You do not have to go very far and you will enjoy the fresh air. A local hotel will not be too expensive and there will not be all the hassle of going on an International flight.
  3. Rent a cottage: there are many cottage holiday packages in the UK. They range from staying in a holiday cottage in the Cotswold Hills and Lake District to just renting a cottage by the sea. There are many beautiful locations but you will need to book early. It is like a home away from home.
  4. However if you do not want to stray from your home there is a lot you can do in the way of home entertainment. You can amuse yourself and of course your kids with a fun video game. There are a number of systems available on the market like nintendo wii, sony ps3 and xbox, which all have fun and exciting video games. You can even have fun with an interactive system like kinect, where the whole family can enjoy the activity.
  5. The library often has “readathons” in the summer. This is a good chance to introduce your kids to the wonderful world of books. There is literally something for everyone in this world. You can take the time to catch up on some reading yourself. Nowadays you do not even have to go to the library, you can just make a one time investment in an Amazon Kindle and download books from the Internet. Audio books or books on DVD’s are also fun and can be listened to anytime on your MP3 player or IPod.
  6. Catch a movie: maybe you have been meaning to watch that great movie and never had the time. You can rent a DVD and watch it in the comfort of your home. You can snuggle up on the sofa one evening with your partner and enjoy the movie without worrying about the time. Or you can rent a family movie DVD and all of you can enjoy the show.

These are just a few of the things you can do when you have a vacation at home. Just because you are on holiday at home does not mean it has to be boring. There are so many things to do, including some local sightseeing. So do not resign yourself to boredom because you are not travelling this year. Enjoy the fact you are not stuck at airports or running to catch planes. You are having a staycation and loving it.