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Get a Great a New Dress for New Year’s Eve Cheap with These Tips

There’s just something special about wearing a new dress for your New Year’s Eve party. The cost of a party dress is not so special, though. The average UK household is still facing a tighter-than-usual budget leaving little room for cocktail dresses, but fortunately New Years clothing deals open the door to style on a budget. You might be surprised at some of the great money saving deals retailers are offering around the holidays to clear out inventory to make room for next season.

Your normal routine is probably something along the lines of browsing your favourite shops, dress boutiques and mall after mall in hopes of finding that one chic dress that will turn heads instantly. After several trips, your head is spinning from the outrageous prices leaving you to resort to last year’s dress. Chances are you found a couple dresses that were “perfect” besides the numbers on the price tag—if you could only find the dress before New Years at a price you can afford.

Online Discount Codes

Fortunately, you may be in luck with a little time spent online. Discount codes are a fantastic way to enjoy extra savings on some top brand clothing. Also known as voucher codes, these online coupons are really beginning to flood the online shopping industry as retailers are recognizing the need to reach a broader customer base and get traffic to their online store. Voucher codes are one key way stores accomplish this, resulting in huge savings for shoppers.

Do not give up on the few dresses you found in the stores. You may very well find the same dress (or a similar one) online at a discounted price. If you have a certain store in mind, discount codes are definitely worth looking into. At sites like www.123vouchercodes.co.uk you can browse lists of stores and companies offering discounts on their products, such as Marks and Spencer, Next, Laura Ashley and Kays.

Using a voucher code is simple. Sometimes you just need to click on their link after which you will be directed to their website. At checkout, the savings will be calculated automatically. You may also need to input the letter or number combination during the checkout process. This combination is the “code” similar to the barcode you would use for an in-store coupon. Besides the savings, a bonus about using a discount code is the ability to find a dress for your New Year celebrations without dealing with the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping.

Online Auction Sites and Discount Stores

Or, never underestimate the possibility of finding a dress on an online auction site like www.ebay.co.uk where shoppers regularly find top brand name clothing rather cheap. You may even find a new dress you could not find in stores—something unique.

Also be sure to check out online retail stores specializing in discount attire, such as www.BooHoo.com, www.MandMDirect.com and www.very.co.uk where you can find a huge selection of dresses, shoes, accessories and more at savings of up to 75%. You may be pleasantly surprised at the possibilities at these online and auction sites which may result in a New Year dress more fabulous than you could have imagined.

Borrow or Swap with a Friend

Finally, never overlook the possibility of borrowing a dress for New Years especially if you are going to a new place among new friends. Who will know the difference if you are wearing your friend’s dress from last year? It’s at least something to chat about with your friends—who knows, she may have thought of the same thing but was hesitant to bring it up. The more you save on your party attire, the more you will both have to spend during the actual celebration (or a pair of shoes to match!).

5 Great Gifts You Can Get With Voucher Codes

Shopping for gifts can be a costly endeavor. This holds true for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions—it’s all the same money being spent just for a different reason. How would you like to be able to save money each and every time you need to purchase a gift? It is possible thanks to the increasing availability of voucher codes retailers are offering today. For those unfamiliar with this concept, let me give a brief synopsis so we can move onto some great gift ideas you can get using them.

Voucher codes are really just online coupons you can use to shop online. They may also be referred to as discount codes or money off codes. Retailers promote their products, sales, specials and promotions in a variety of methods with voucher codes being one of them. Rather than the shopper bringing in a printed coupon, they are able to simply input a set of number, letters or a combination (the “code”) of both during the checkout process at the retailer’s online store. The discount is calculated automatically, your final cost reduced and checkout continuing as normal. The best part is you saved bundles without ever leaving your home. The selection of products, gifts and gadgets is seemingly endless—another benefit to using voucher codes to find what you need at a discount price.

Here are 5 great gift ideas you could easily find with voucher codes.

Gift # 1 – Food, Drink and Edible Gifts

When you aren’t sure what to gift to someone, the classic edible collage of chocolates, edible arrangement or gift certificates are all favorite picks. Fortunately, there are many voucher codes online for retailers offering some fantastic gifts of this sort. You could try Majestic Wine, HamperGifts gift baskets or Green and Blacks organic chocolates among many others.

Gifts #2Books

Books are another popular gift perhaps because of the wide selection of tastes, interests and topics available. You can certainly find something of interest to anyone. Voucher codes can save you money on books as well, including retailers such as Waterstones and Borders.

Gifts #3 – Gadgets and Electronics

Voucher codes are certainly not in short supply when it comes to electronics offering discounts for stores including Amazon UK, Argos, Play.com and Sharp, to name a few. The holidays are a particularly popular time for gifting electronics which are known to enjoy huge holiday promotions, but the savings are here all year around when you know where to find them. A great place to start would be the Electrical Goods, Department Stores and Home categories.

Gifts #4CDs, Music & Movies

Most have received music or a movie for a gift at some point in their life. That’s because these are two of the more popular ideas when it comes to gifts. With that in mind, you will be glad to learn that you can save on these items also – Amazon being the most common since turning into the “go-to” place to shop online for CDs or DVDs – but many other online retailers offer discount codes for these items as well.

Gifts #5 Jewelry

Of course, we cannot talk about gifts without mentioning jewelry which can actually be a rather expensive gift. Fortunately, voucher codes are readily available for jewelry purchases making this beautiful and appreciated gift less of a hit on the pocketbook. Be sure to check out the codes available before making the big purchase – the savings will be worth the time.

UK shoppers can find voucher codes for any of these great gift ideas, along with many other products and stores, easily online. Fortunately, the Jewellry & Watches category makes finding these savings easier than ever.

5 Ways to Entertain Your Guests for £0

A shrinking budget does not necessarily mean your entertaining days are over. In this financial climate, low-budget party ideas are even more valuable and helpful for hosts or hostesses in need of top entertainment at a low cost. Most of us can no longer justify nor afford top-of-the-line parties costing more pounds than are monthly groceries—it is just not realistic for the average person. Here are 5 ways to entertain guests with no cost out of your pocket.

1: Bring Your Own Beverages

Getting together with family and friends is commonly around food. That’s just how it is today. Eating and drinking has become a social thing; but, that does not mean the host or hostess must supply the food and drink every time. When sending out your invitations, include a small note at the bottom requesting your guest bring their own beverage of choice. This puts the cost in their lap letting them spend what they can afford. If they want to drink water, you probably have that covered—set out some nice glasses, freeze some water for ice and put some good o’le fashion tap water in a pitcher. No one will care come party time. They will be too busy chatting with others and socializing. For those wanting a stronger beverage, allowing them to bring their own also ensures that they can enjoy their favourite all night long. You might suggest checking out some online wine shops that offer discount codes, like From VineyardsDirect, Giordano Wines and Majestic wine—and plenty others under the Wine & Champagne category.

2: Let’s Share a Dish

Similar to the tip above, there is nothing wrong with making your event more of a “potluck” style. If you do not like the sound of “potluck,” then simply note in the invite a request for each guest to bring a dish to share. As the hosting party, it would not be a bad idea to connect with guests that RSVP yes to coordinate the dishes so that you do not end up with 5 dishes of mac ‘n cheese but no main dish. You will find, though, that most guests are willing and prepared to help out with the event. When they ask what they can do, take them up on the offer and ask them to bring something. If it is a less formal event, there is no harm in asking your neighbour to bring the buns or a couple bags of chips. It all adds up with the important part being that it does not all come out of your budget.

3: Use Your Own Music

A DJ or band is not a pre-requisite to a fantastic party. Although nice, you can enjoy the sounds of music in the background without this hefty cost. Pick out a few of your favourite CDs and play them with a CD player, or simply have the radio playing throughout the party. Another increasingly popular choice among hosts is to use your laptop to create a Playlist with an online music library. This DIY entertainment gives the effect of a DJ’s specially selected music but without the cost. This style of party entertainment is also fun for guests who want to review the Playlist and pick out some of their favourite tunes to hear.

4: Create Your Own Invitations – Offline or Online

Invites can easily be created with your own computer using word processing or publishing software. You can also order invites online taking advantage of online discounts from card shops like Hallmark and VistaPrint, among many others that can be found in the Greeting Cards category.

To avoid the cost of stamps, you could also use websites to send invites via email from which guests can RSVP directly. These are great ways to monitor your guest list and coordinate dishes since you can easily communicate with those attending throughout the invite website or direct email. There are many design options available; so cute and classy invites certainly does not need to go to the wayside when entertaining on a budget.

5: Decorating with Less

Finally, we cannot discuss entertaining without talking about the decorating. When decorating on a budget, aim for less. In fact, any party should heed to the “less is more” concept as too many flowers and streamers can sometimes lean toward tacky. This is especially true if your party is at your home. Use what you have, if anything, and just keep it simple.

The recent blog “Celebrate New Year’s in Style but Frugally” offers some additional tips on entertaining on a budget, tips which can be used for New Year celebrations and anytime of the year.