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The Frugal Ways of the World’s Billionaires

Simplicity is the real wealth of life

Have you ever looked through the Forbes list of the top 100  richest people in the world? You may have wondered how they got so rich and also if they ever thought of living in a thrifty fashion. It might surprise you to know that some the world’s billionaires are indeed quite pound conscious and find a number of money saving ways to save their cash.

Here are some of their tactics.

  1. A simple home: Home sweet home is even sweeter when you keep it simple. An example of this is Warren Buffet. He has lived in his 5 bedroom home since 1957. It is big enough for him to move around and house his family, but small enough for him not to have to pay huge utility bills and taxes. A simple lifestyle is very relaxing and allows Warren Buffet to enjoy his leisure time without worrying about security.
  2. Public transportation or bicycle: now here is a surprise. Some billionaires go around in plush chauffer driven cars or even helicopters. The frugal billionaire takes public transport, walks or even cycles to his destination. John Caudwell and David Cheriton are examples of these thrifty people.
  3. Buying clothes from the rack: not all billionaires dress in designer suits; some love the casual style and can be seen in blue jeans and T-shirts. They take pleasure in buying their clothes from the rack instead of having them custom made. Why dress in starchy suits when you can be more comfortable in casual off the rack wear? After all if you are a billionaire you do not have to impress anyone.
  4. Haircuts can be expensive: the cost of a good haircut with styling can be quite expensive some people can even spend up to 300 pounds on a single haircut, but not the frugal billionaires. They prefer to cut their hair at home. Just imagine the amount of money they save! It works out to be quite a bit if you look at the amount of money they might have spent during a whole year.
  5. Luxury toys: while many rich people parade around in lavish cars, planes and boats the frugal billionaire knows better. To quote Warren Buffet “Most toys are just a pain in the neck” and you have to admit that he is not wrong. The less you spend on these luxuries the less money you waste. After all why waste money when you can use it for something useful and worthwhile.

If you want to find a list of the top richest people in the world then look no further than Forbes list 100.  Here you will even find pictures of the world’s 20 richest billionaires in the world. Featured as the world’s richest man in the world is one of our frugal billionaires Carl Slim Helu, he lives in a modest house and is known for his frugal way of living.

Many of the world’s most frugal billionaires came from the ranks. They were not born to wealth and they have not forgotten their roots. They are in fact self made people. Although many of the names you see are men there are also women as well Oprah is a famous billionaire and although she does dress quite lavishly she does not forget about the common man or woman. This is the essence of what a frugal billionaire is all about.

Their frugal habits may not have made them wealthy. However it does ensure that they have the ability not to waste money but spend it in the right places. Perhaps they could not have done so well if they had squandered the money they were making rather than investing it wisely.

7 Things You Can Save On This Summer

Save money this summer with these 7 tips

Summer is the time when we go out and enjoy ourselves. It is also a time when we can find ourselves spending a little more than we should. There are in fact a number of ways you can save money in these carefree months.

7 ways to save money

  1. Summer sales: are always fun and you can save quite a bit of money when you buy items at these sales. Retailers realize that consumers may not be that interested in shopping in summer so they routinely have summer sales offers to bring in more customers. You can quite a few things on sale at this time of year. In fact thrifty shoppers wait all year for these special sales to get good bargains.
  2. Travel: look for money saving deals on travel, like package holidays. Online you will find many websites offering good deals on hotels and rental cars. When you buy package holidays you can get substantial savings on hotels, airfares and rental cars. Tour packages are also a good way to save money. If you book cruises several months in advance you can get good deals.
  3. Recycle: recycling newspapers, glass and plastic will save the environment. It will also allow you to save money as you will not have to spend money on new containers. Some things come in very nice containers that you can keep and reuse for a long time. You can dress up these boxes and cans and use them for gift containers. This will save money but not look cheap.
  4. Discount codes: you can find sales coupons for many items online and in your local newspaper. You can trade them in at your local shops and save a substantial amount of money.
  5. Save on utility bills:
    1. With the advent of reasonable weather you can now line dry your clothes instead of using your tumble dryer. This will save a lot on your utility bills.
    2. Take shorter showers: this will save money on water bills and heating for the hot water.
    3. Turn down your water heater a couple of degrees: you will be surprised at how much this will save you. In summer you really do not need very hot showers.
    4. You can use a pusher mower instead of petrol or electric one.
    5. Change your light bulbs to LED ones. You will save money on energy bills as these bulbs burn up to 25% less electricity as compared to regular bulbs. They also last 10 times longer which means that you will spend less money on replacing bulbs.
  6. Save petrol: when the weather is fair you can walk rather than using the car for short distances. You could also bicycle to your destination rather than taking your car. If you are contemplating a new car you may consider getting a hybrid electric one. This will save you a lot of money as petrol prices tend to go up in summer and are already high.
  7. Start a vegetable garden: even in summer the price of fruits and vegetables are high, especially if you like organic food. A good way to save money on these food items is to grow your own.

With these 7 points you can start saving money this summer and really enjoy yourself, knowing that you have generated a little extra cash without really much effort.

An impossible challenge of patience, the iPhone 5 UK release date

The most exciting release of a mobile phone in history

Rumours are flying all over the Internet and news media about the Iphone 5 UK release date. Traditionally there has been an annual update from Apple in the summer, around June or July. However the year of 2011 might usher in an earlier date.

Why is this? The release date may have to be moved up because of the serious signal problems of the Iphone 4. These problems were caused by faulty antennae. There were speculations that the Iphone 5 would be released as early as Jan 2011 but this does not appear likely. It may be possible there is some confusion about dates due to a new phone that Verizon is planning to release.

So what can we expect from the new Iphone 5? Some features may include…

  • A different form: the form of the Iphone 5 will be different from its predecessor the Iphone 4. They need to make sure that it looks different from its infamous predecessor the Iphone 4.  It is not apparent as yet when this new form will be released to carriers like Verizon and the US.
  • The chipsets: Qualcomm chipsets will replace the old Infineon ones that are found in the Iphone 4. This will make sure that its technology is comparable, if not superior, to its counterparts. Other than this Apple will be using their same supplier for other parts.
  • Faster processor: it is expected that the new phone will have a faster processor. This will make downloading from places like ITunes and multimedia tasks faster and more efficient. Internet access and apps will run faster.
  • More memory: more memory is in the works and greater storage capacity. This will add to the convenience of the phone.
  • Prices: prices are not expected to be increased much, which is good news for the consumer. Iphone 5 users will have all the upgrades without having to pay more for them.
  • A new antenna? It is very likely that the new phone will have a new antenna. Especially when you consider the problems with the Iphone 4 with the old style of antenna and the signal quality.
  • Bigger screen: a marginally bigger screen is being contemplated. 3.7” as opposed to the present 3.5” This will make it easier to see and read text on your phone.
  • New alloy: the phone could be made from a new alloy, but this is not confirmed.
  • Digital Wallet? There are rumours which have not been confirmed that the new Iphone 5 will have the technology to act as a credit card. However there is no confirmation about this feature as yet.

With all these new features in the works the new release of the Iphone 5 in the UK is one of the most anticipated releases in the history of mobile phones. Apple is known for its innovative technology and the Iphone 5 should be no different. Obviously Apple does not want to give away the secrets and be specific about what exactly the upgrades will be but these are what is expected. So get ready for a new and improved phone that will exceed your expectations from Apple if you are an old customer and thrill you if you are a new buyer.