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Money Saving Tips for Bookworms

Save money on books and still enjoy a good read

Are you someone who loves to read but does not like to spend a lot on books? Sometimes you find the skyrocketing prices on books depressing. You will be relieved to know that there are places where you can go to get bargain prices on books. Here are some tips to help you find cheap books.

  1. Look on Amazon Kindle books: there are many books listed here and you can find some great bargains. It is easy to find by just looking it up on goggle. The website is also easy to use. Kindle is a great e-book reader that lets you convert any files of books you have downloaded so that they can be read.
  2. Some of the cheapest ways to get books are to download books called e-books. These are digital books that you can keep on your computer. You can buy them from various speciality websites.
  3. Check the e-book reader websites: there are reviews here that will tell you all about the different websites that offer e-book readers. E-book readers are programs that allow you to read e-book files. Adobe PDF is good for reading most of these types of books. It is one of the most widely used e-book readers. However once in a while you will find that you need to use an epub reader to convert the files so that you can read them. Epub is another name for an electronic publisher.
  4. Buy second hand books: You can often get rare books at bargain prices here. You can also get books that are out of print. This means that you not only save money but get to read some books that are a little unusual. At you can get books at discount prices when you buy used ones.
  5. Book clubs: these clubs issue 3 or 4 books per month to members at discount prices. You will get new editions and keep up with the modern literature trends. You can also join book clubs and swap books with members. You can also swap books with friends.
  6. You can also get free e-books and reports at several websites. They will be on different subjects. Some will be good and others not so good.
  7. Make use of libraries: libraries are always good for finding books that you do not need to keep as reference books.
  8. Websites for swapping books: there are many websites that allow you to swap books with other members. A popular one is called
  9. Get paperbacks rather than hard cover books: these are very cheap bindings of books and can be purchased at greatly reduced prices. You can get these at online book sites or local stores.
  10. Library book sale: you can get books very cheaply at these sales. They are books that the library deems too old or that they have enough copies so they sell them off to the public.
  11. Saving money on text books: these can be very expensive for the student living on a budget. You can share the book expenses with a friend.  Both of you can then save money and still get a quality book.
  12. Bulletin boards at the college: you can often find fellow students who want to sell books. You can take advantage of this and get books cheaply. This helps a lot considering the price of text books these days.

As you can see there are many ways to save money when you want to purchase a book. Just because you love reading it does not mean that you have to go broke.

Why Online Shopping is the Frugal Shopper’s Best Friend

How shopping online can be a frugal shopper’s dream come true

If you are a frugal shopper there is no doubt about the fact that good deals are sometimes hard to find in your local stores. Even the sales seem to have overpriced goods. If there is a sale all the good things seem to have gone by the time you get there. Besides it really is not much fun fighting the crowds for a few items at a sale.

Now the picture does not look so bleak. A whole new world for the shopper has opened up with plenty of deals for everyone. I am taking about online shopping. You can stay at home and just surf the cyber stores for sales and discount codes. There is usually a sale going on everyday at most cyber stores with plenty of voucher codes to be had. It is like a dream come true for the frugal shopper. You will not have to look far to find these money off codes. You just have to Google this key phrase and a lot of cyber stores will come up. Maybe this is the reason that 60% of online shoppers will be spending more this year but will still be doing it frugally.

5 advantages for shopping frugally online

  1. No long checkout lines:  when you shop online there is no waiting in line and fighting crowds. One of the worst problems with shopping is waiting in line when it is time to check out. Your feet are aching from a hard days work and you keep on thinking of all the things you need to do when you get home. It just adds to the frustration when you have to join a long line of equally stressed out shoppers.
  2. Saves petrol: with the high cost of petrol this has now become quite an issue. When you shop online you do not have to get in your car and spend money on gas. This is a substantial saving. Plus you do not have to have the hassle of driving to several stores to get your purchases.
  3. Saves time: there is no doubt about the fact that online shopping is a great time saver. You can visit a number of stores in a matter of minutes. When you shop offline you have to drive to all those stores and you still may not find what you are looking for. The Internet gives you the chance to shop around for items and then find the best price in less time than it takes to get to one store offline.
  4. No stress: you can shop from the comfort of your home. Just you and your computer. No more hassling with crowds and fighting with other shoppers for bargains. It is all there at a click of your mouse. It is truly stress free shopping. This is especially true when you have to shop for the holidays.
  5. Wide selection: You can visit more stores and get a better selection with online shopping. You can browse at your leisure whenever you like, even if it is 2am in the morning. The cyber stores are open 24/7 and they do not run out of stock as quickly as the offline stores.

As you can see shopping via the Internet is really a blessing for the frugal shopper. What is there not to love about online shopping?

However even something as convenient as Internet shopping has its problems, as you can see.  Here are some tips on how to be careful when shopping online.

VAT Free Shopping And How You Can Take Advantage

VAT FREE SHOPPINGJersey/Guernsey merchants and their online success (VAT savings)

How would you like to purchase most things including movies, clothing, and toys without worrying about paying VAT? We know most people think it’s a dream but we now know that thanks to a small group of online stores this dream has become a reality. That’s right, completely VAT free shopping. This is a reality that can save you tons of cash off each purchase. You don’t have to worry about discounts, special offers and all that rubbish because the biggest savings can only be had once the government is not harassing you for VAT i.e. which is an average of around 17.5% and of course 20% beginning January 2011.

There are a number of online stores selling products minus the VAT that most stores will charge you. There is a top limit on the VAT free stuff though, everything £18 or under is eligible. This coveres a huge amount of goods. Some of the best stores for VAT free shopping are,,,,, WHsmith, There are probably many other stores but these are the ones that we feel are the best, plus you can get a discount off each purchase when you pick up your voucher codes from us.

So What’s the Catch?

We have all grown sick and bloody tired of online stores promising one thing but keeping the proverbial ‘Catch’ hidden. The catch is often a big pain in the bum once you find out what it is so it’s always good to know what the catch is before you jump into things. Ok Folks! The good news is that there is no catch with these stores…seriously! The only possible and we say ‘Possible’ catch is their delivery time which takes a few days longer than usual but since in most cases delivery is free you shouldn’t worry about that either. It’s not like they are charging you overnight shipping and sending you stuff in a week. This is because they are shipping the goods outside of mainland UK i.e. Guernsey, Jersey or

So What Can You Buy From These Stores?

Unlike what most people are thinking these stores don’t just sell VAT free goods or goods on which the government of the UK does not impose VAT. You can buy almost anything including books, DVDs, Blue-rays, children’s clothing, clothing, electronics, televisions, software, perfumes, after shaves, soaps, shampoos and even tickets to various events etc.

If you are a bit squeamish about the somewhat delayed shipping and want to know when it can reach you all you need to do is to call up the store. You can also read though the store’s policies to see when they ship. The time it takes for items to reach you varies depending on where you live. However we wouldn’t be too picky about when the items reach us just as long as we are saving a few quid off each purchase thanks to the fact that we don’t have to pay VAT. It sort of gives you a feeling of what it would be to live in a VAT free UK.


The number of online stores offering products without VAT is increasing and so is their popularity. We are keeping an eye on these and many other stores so that we can bring you the latest developments as they happen. Don’t stop there though, get further discounts over the VAT savings by using voucher codes for all the stores listed above and over 4000 stores from the UK on