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Cheap Flights Boom In The UK

Cheap flights in the UKThe cheap flights BOOM in the UK… £1 deals too good to be true?

Many of you may have already heard about cheap £1 flights and probably wrote it off as some sort of sneaky new scheme planned out by airlines. However the truth behind this £1 deal is that it’s not a scam, as a matter of fact many people avail these £1 flights each year and save hundreds of £££ in the process. If you are a frequent flyer or need to visit relatives or go on a vacation once a year planning your trip so that you can benefit from £1 flight deals wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

In order to benefit from cheap £1 deals you need to be able to book your flight in advance. In all honesty, the earlier to book the better, sometimes months in advance. There are a few airlines famous for rock bottom flights prices. A few of them include EasyJet, Ryan Air, Aer Lingus and FlyBe.

We also recommend some ingenious ways of saving money on your international and national flights below. The thing for you to remember is that these £1, £8, and £10 deals only happen once or twice a year, although if you use some very cool online flight tools, you could bag some great deals. Since business travelers and other people looking to travel in a hurry are willing to pay as much as required to hitch a ride so the closer you book your flight to the time it’s about to take off the more expensive your seat will be and vice versa.

Money Saving Flight Checking Online Tools

When looking for cheap flights it seems as though whenever you find a deal it suddenly disappears, it’s like they don’t want you to get the deal and many people often feel scammed. In order to make things straight forward and simple we recommend that you use a flight checker tool which can be found on this website: Money Saving Expert Flight Checker Tool. The beauty of this tool is that it can search several budget airlines and present you with a list of really cheap flights. They of course all won’t be £1 deals when you do come across a £1 deal you can take a advantage of it right away. Take the plunge and book it, even if you have to work the logistics later, commit yourself to the flight. Its only £1 after all. Sometimes, you may even find FREE FLIGHTS.

If you are looking for routes and some inspiration check out Fly Cheapo. These guys have a complete list of all budget airlines in the UK, and their routes both old and new.

Another great tool we often like to direct our traffic to is Sky Scanner. Sky Scanner shows you trends for yearly flight price fluctuations according to in and off season flight offers.

We also endorse another tool that you will find extremely powerful for searching cheap flights called Kayak. Kayak user screen scraper technology. We don’t really don’t want to get into what screen scrapers are, but its worth a mention that screen scrapers go out to all major online flight checkers and picks up the deals to show to its own website visitors.

Budget airlines and in particular Ryan Air are well known for running promotions that include 1p or £1 flights in order to attract people to their airline. However before you opt for an offer like this make sure that you check the final sales price which includes taxes and other charges. Often times these can add up to around £20 – £30 one way. This still workout to be cheaper than taking a normal flight but it’s always a good idea to be well aware of them so that you can plan your budget accordingly.
Keep checking back to stay up to date with the latest travel and lifestyle trends. Also don’t forget to visit to pick up your voucher codes prior to making any purchase online.

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