Plasma Cutter CUT-50M MOSFET HF inverter technology 50 amps

  • Max. output 50amps / Power adjustment 15-50A(infinitely variable, digital)/Open circuit voltage 200V
  • Operating voltage 220-240 V at 50/60 Hz (one-phase)/Operating pressure 2-4 bars/
  • Maximum cutting thickness 16 mm (depending on the material)/Period of continued ventilation 10s
  • Ignition HF high frequency/Protection equipment thermal overload protection, overvoltage protection
  • Weight approx. 10.5 Kg / Dimensions of the unit approx. 30.5 x 16.5 x 26.5 cm

* This plasma cutter is impressive because of its easy operation and compact structure.
* Thanks to its modern MOSFET HF inverter technology, it belongs to the lightweights among conventional units with approximately 10.5 kg and can be conveniently transported using its practical handle.
* By using compressed air with the help of a compressor, cutting is very cost-effective compared to other methods.
* With a maximum amperage of 50 amps, electrically conductive materials with a material thickness of up to 16 mm can be processed.
* The amperage can be precisely and infinitely regulated with the help of the digital indicator from 15 to 50 amps.
* This device is equipped with a pressure gauge for monitoring pressure as well as protective equipment against overheating and excess voltage and also has quick couplings for ground cables and cable-hose assembly.
* Thanks to the complete accessory package, this plasma cutter is immediately ready for use.

Price: £279.00

Acessories Set for Plasma Cutter CUT-50M

Price: £29.00