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Sunglasses On The Cheap – EXPIRED

Breaking news.

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The e-voucher will have a unique code which you can use online. It will be valid for one month. The voucher does not include the £4 postage and packing. If you want to see the range of sunglasses, hit the link below and see all the sunglasses on offer.

You can buy more than one voucher. You can buy more than one voucher however you can only use one voucher per transaction, so its fine if you want two pairs of glasses (bought separately), but you can’t use two vouchers towards one pair. Its an amazing deal if you’re planning to buy designer sunglasses anyway, this is a good way to save.

You can get a pair of designer Ray Bans that should be £69 for £37 or a pair of Oakley’s that should be £51 for £18.50.
The possibilities are limitless. Go on and buy your e-voucher now.

Online Photo Processing = Convenience

Today everything from your toilet cover to your coffee mug has gone digital (yes, we really did come across a website that sells digital toilet seat skins). Everyone from youngsters to hip granddaddies have digital cameras usually in the 10+ mega pixel range. This has led to hard drives and digital albums becoming increasingly packed with millions of photos ranging from those of kids playing at the park to couples kissing on the street. However, if you really want to preserve those precious memories or frame that special picture of yourself on the wall then the best way to achieve that is to print your photos either by yourself or by using one of the latest additions to the online world i.e. online photo processing.

So Why Bother About Online Photo Processing?

Well the big word to consider here is ‘Quality’. Regardless of how expensive your printer may be nothing beats the quality of a professional printing service that uses state of the art printers costing in the thousands, add professionals to the mix and you get prints no ordinary laser printer can beat.

Now if that wasn’t enough, professional printing services also provide merchandising solutions to both companies and individuals. This means that if you have a business or a personal image you want to promote all you need to do is to upload your pictures or files to these online photo processing services and they will print them on t-shirts, key chains, mugs, and mouse mats and snail mail them back to you.

Now that you know why professional online photo processing is a good idea we will get right into finding the best service that provides you with the best prints at the best price…Right after these messages!!!

The Best Of The Best

‘The best of the best’ was a great action flick of the 80’s and the worst thing about the 80’s was that if you wanted prints you had to visit a physical photo processing out. However thankful for not being in the 80’s we set out to take a look at some of the best printing services that the Internet hand to offer. We sent pictures to Bonusprint, Truprint, Photobox, Kodak Gallery, Snapfish, and MyPix since these are considered to be the most popular.

Now its hardly worth mentioning which types of prints we ordered, so lets get right down to the quality. We recently saw an episode of Channel 5’s “The Gadget Show” about online photo processing and set out to do the same experiment.

As “The Gadget Show” suggested, the hands down winner was indeed Snapfish for our own experiment as well.  At 9p a print these guys also made better prints than the current leaders in the market including Photobox and Kodak gallery. Kodak gallery was way too expensive and the prints weI got back were murky to say the least. The other services were good and some mediocre. The all in all winner in terms of cost and quality is Snapfish. Check out the Snapfish Store Page on our site for the latest offers, discount vouchers and special deals.

At we are affiliated with all the online photo processing services in the UK including Snapfish to bring you the latest discounts and coupon codes. If you are looking to save even more on the 9p per print charge at Snapfish, be sure to keep checking our site for discount codes and deals.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas And Suggested Buys

A baby shower is sort of announcement that invites people especially close friends and family members to see the newborn addition to the family. Every culture has an event similar to a baby shower so regardless of who you are purchasing the right baby shower gifts can certainly make a difference. In this article we are going to explore some excellent and cost effective baby shower gifts for every parent.

Clothing: Everyone needs clothes even babies that despite the fact they like being naked also have to look decent sometimes. So clothes are something that are an all time baby shower hit however you need to be careful of the sizes you purchase. 0 to 3 months is a good start if the baby isn’t born yet. Also make sure you know the gender because you certainly don’t want baby John wearing Jane’s clothes. Online stores such as categorize their baby clothes by gender and age which can make finding something good easy.

Teething toys or chew toys: Kids love to bite and teething toys ensure that they don’t bite their parent’s hands off when they start getting teeth. You can never go wrong with a teething toy because regardless of how many a baby may have they still need more since they have to be replaced every time they get worn out and dirty. Buy something that is durably with no small parts as babies also like to swallow stuff.

Stuffed Toys: Now stuffed toys seem to be something that everyone or probably the majority of people will land up with at a baby shower. So if you need to purchase a stuffed toy at least make sure that it is unique and stands out, after all you don’t want to give something that looks identical to ten other stuffed toys that the baby already has. Some babies can also be allergic to fur so ask the parents what they prefer.

Baby diapers: Every baby on earth needs tons of diapers. Diapers make a good and useful gift that many new parents will thank you for. Babies also grow and their diaper size change as well so even if the diapers you purchase are a size larger don’t worry as the baby will finally grow into them soon. You can also ask parents about what types of diapers they prefer because some parents tend to be a bit particular about what their babies wear.

Baby books: Now babies obviously can’t read but parents certainly can. A few good baby books make a great baby shower gift. Story books will also come in handy as the child begins to grow up. Books with lots of colours tend to be attractive to babies aged 3 to 9 months whereas black and white are for 0-3 month toddlers.

Now before we end this handy articles, we just wanted to implant one final piece of information that can save you some money. All of the items and more can easily be purchased from one of our featured stores Bambino Direct. You will also find KiddiCare and useful as well. Bambino Direct incidentally is also running a special discount promotion for all readers of Blog. Make sure to always check our website for special offers from other stores running discounts and special promotions. You can see a complete list of stores on our main website.