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Buying Furniture Online Made Easy

Knowing how and where to go to purchase furniture online is winning 90% of the game

When most people think about purchasing furniture, they conjure up images of walking from one shop to another trying to decide what will really work for them. A bigger challenge than actually finding something is blocking out all the nonsense those furniture sales people talk when you are trying to make up your mind. The end result of which is you end up purchasing nothing. A better way to shop for furniture is to do it online.

The God honest truth is that finding and purchasing furniture is not only faster but it is also easier than most people think. Those who like to purchase their furniture using their sense of touch and feel can run down to their local furniture store and look though what is available fancying the furniture they like. Once they find what they like they can then get back online and by using a search engine like Google they can search for that same furniture online. This time however, since they already know what the furniture will be like they don’t need to worry about the quality with the added bonus of also not having to listen to a sales person constant effort to up sell rubbish.

So why shop online?

Most people might probably be thinking “hey what is the catch why are these guys plugging me to shop online for furniture when I know I can pay cash and get the stuff right away”? Now one of the biggest reasons why we’re bugging you to shop online is because we want you to save money. By using voucher codes from all the featured furniture stores on our site, you can possibly hundreds of pounds when you shop for furniture online. We have taken the time out and listed some of the best online furniture stores along with discount voucher codes you can use to save money.

Best practices for online shoppers

Now before you go ahead and purchase anything online we want to emphasize that you use a credit card when purchasing furniture online for various reasons. The biggest reason why I’m saying this is because a credit card offers you security owing to the consumer credit act of 1974, so for instance if you don’t receive your furniture within the stipulated time period and no one is from the company is willing to speak to you it is just as simple as calling up your credit card company and asking them to cancel the transaction. This is also called a chargeback. This is something you don’t get to do if you use any other mode of payment online.


At I want you to save money when purchasing furniture online. The websites listed on our main website are credible online stores that are offering readers of some great discounts. Since we are constantly updating the discount codes and the websites on the site, make sure that you check back whenever you intent on purchasing furniture because we are sure we can save you money.

PC Manufacturers Race To The Top, Who Will Wear The Crown?

Acer and Dell WAR head on!

Acer VS HP, Arm Wrestle Of The Decade

Last year we saw some awesome footwork from Acer who after announcing that they would ship more PCs than Dell actually did so the very next day to wash down Dell to the number three spot while climbing to no.2 itself. As last year drew to a close HP was still in the lead followed by Acer and Dell on the no. 2nd and 3rd spot respectively.

There are a number of things we are interested in seeing, the first being if Acer will actually be able to bypass Dell in its sales and the second is if they will be able to take over the no.1 spot from HP who has been the reigning king for quite some time.

The Acer Effect

Acer which was in the number 3 spot seems to be kicking up some serious steam by rolling out cheap machines some costing almost half of what a Dell or HP machine cost. Acer also came close to topping total units shipped by Dell for the first time in the company’s history with close to around 11.86 million computers sold. This aggressive form of market warfare seems to have already given it the no. 2 spot in the top five pc rankings for 2010. Now because the PC market is changing at the speed of light it is pretty hard to say if Acer will be able to kick down the giant of computing i.e. HP. Some experts believe that Acer will probably come close to HP not actually take it over, not at least in 2010.

Dell’s Awful Luck

One of the biggest problems with Dell is sales which despite an increased spending in IT market does not seem to be taking off for them. According to iSuppli (a company that tracks global shipping of PCs) Dell is staggering in the global war for dominance of the computer market’s share. It is because of this staggering that has led it to slip down to number three and could further lead to it slipping down to no. 4 if they do not take matters seriously.

HP A King Waiting To Be Dethroned?

HP still has the no. 1 spot but for how long nobody can actually say. Our opinion is that HP will remain in the no. 1 spot throughout 2010 even with the likes of Acer announcing to ship more than 40 million notebooks this year a number which quite frankly threatens to take over HPs current laptop sales. This however might not happen as HP too has plans to increase the number of units being shipped during 2010 to almost 20%. This is going to keep it in the lead to until the second quarter of 2011.

Final Thoughts

The PC manufacturer wars are heating up and one result of all this is cheaper computers. However at we have pledged to give our readers even larger discounts during 2010 so make sure to check out these retailers special offers, coupon codes and sales news before you make your next PC purchase.

Global Market Shares Held by World's Top 5 PC Brands
Brand     2007    2008    2009
HP        18.1%   18.2%   19.3%
Acer       7.9%   10.6%   13.0%
Dell      14.2%   14.1%   12.2%
Lenovo     7.4%    7.5%    8.1%
Toshiba    4.0%    4.6v    5.1%

Best Before Dates On Food Items Are Ok To Consume According To

Shave as much as £800 off your grocery shopping annually

It seems as though every time you go to the supermarket to shop for groceries the prices have increased a few quid and for no apparent reason at all. Many people blame inflation, the credit crunch and other economical factors for the steady increase in prices of food products however we just blame slick marketing, and the millions of gullible people that fall for it including Gordon Brown himself. It comes as absolutely no surprise that many products are manufactured with a ‘eat before date’ and a separate expiration date just so that they can maximize their profits by pushing people to finish the product they purchase ASAP and buy more.

We are here to tell you that it is perfectly fine to eat foods that have passed the ‘eat before’ date. However you just need to make sure that the product you are purchasing has not passed its expiration date because then it is not safe to eat. An example of this would be a can of sardines that has an ‘eat before date’ of 23/12/ 2010 and then an ‘expiration date’ of 3/4/2011. This means that is safe to eat the product any time before 3/4/2011 which if you do the math are months apart from what the ‘eat before’ date is.

Here is how you can save almost a £1000 a year

Products which have surpassed their ‘eat before’ date are much cheaper when compared to products that haven’t reached their ‘eat before’ date. Some products can be as much as 50% cheaper while others are 25% cheaper. This means that if you stick to purchasing products that have surpassed their ‘eat before’ date you can possibly save a fortune over the years.

Where to purchase

There are a number of websites including the approved food and drink website that sells everything from canned food to drinks and other stuff that have surpassed their ‘use before’ or ‘eat before’ date. Approved food and drink is also one of the largest sellers of out of date products with over a few thousand products in their inventory at any given time. The online store guarantees that everything it sells can be eaten because they haven’t surpassed their expiration date. However make sure that you purchase products that at least have a month’s worth on time on them prior to expiration that should give you some time within to safely consume the products you purchase.It is important to mention this also applies to non food items such as detergents, toilet cleaners, bleaches, air fresheners and cosmetics etc.


Over the years we have reviewed many money saving tips and ideas out of which purchasing food which as surpassed their ‘use before’ date is probably the biggest money saver for anyone. For anybody who wants to find out how much they can personally save are welcome to check and compare the rates of food stuff that have surpassed their ‘use before’ with those that haven’t. is here to help everyone save money. Our voucher codes can help you have hundreds of pounds a year off grocery shopping so make sure that you check back with us regularly.