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Our RSS feeds are the fastest way to get the latest discount voucher codes, coupon, money off deals and promotional offers. As soon as a new voucher code or deal is published, it is immediately reflected in the RSS feed. You can subscribe to RSS feeds in so many ways, we implore you to try out one of our feeds.

What are RSS feeds you may ask?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a web based feed that is used to publish new content from a website as soon as it is released. It generally includes a summary of information that is added to the website. It really is a brilliant tool that brings you constant updates of what’s happening on your favourite website.

Almost every news website in the world has an RSS feed for breaking news stories and the like. We just thought how cool it would be to offer an RSS feed where instead of boring news stories, you get the coolost online shopping discount instead. How wonderful are we?

We believe our offers are in fact breaking news stories in the eyes of discount shoppers everywhere. It is also used by bloggers, publishers, multimedia and financial websites.

How do I subscribe to an RSS feed?

You can subscribe to a feed from your browser, a desktop RSS software, your email software, online services such as Facebook and and even your mobile phone. We can go about how to do that in a lot of detail but feel a very smart person has explained it is such a brilliant way already. Please have a look at the Wikipedia artcle on RSS feeds for a low down.

A full "up to the minute" RSS feed covering all stores and including vouchers codes, deals, sales, special offers, freebies and printable coupons can be viewed by clicking the link below. voucher codes and discount offers RSS FEED

Our new blog has just been launched and offers editorial commentary on shopping advice, product reviews and shopping ideas. You can subscribe to the blog RSS feed directly by following the link below. Blog RSS FEED. Practical shopping advice and hot bargains.

Why not subscribe to an RSS for your favourite store? All of the stores listed on have their own individual feed featuring latest discounts, voucher codes, money off coupons and promotional offers.

Money saving "Store Wise" RSS feeds from

Money saving "Store Wise" RSS feeds